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Telefónica | Wayra | Telefónica closes Wayra's office in Peru, what is the reason? | Company

Telefónica will close Wayra's office in Peru on January 1, 2020, located on Arequipa Avenue, as part of a new strategy to be carried out by Spanish business accelerators from Spanish companies.

The company commented Gestió that "will take another step in its approach to business in Latin America and America from January 2020, it will align its organizational structure with Telefónica itself, focusing on six business units: Spain, Germany, Britain, Brazil, Hispanm Norte and Hispanm Sur ".

What that would imply the closure of his office – aimed at Wayra – in Chile, Peru, Mexico and Venezuela.

So in the case of Peru, Wayra will be part of the southern Hispanic hub located in Argentina.

"This new strategy for Wayra, in the case of Latin America, will be concentrated in three centers: Brazil, Northern and Southern Hispanics. In the case of Peru Wayra, it will be part of the regional center of Hispanm Sur, based in Argentina, "noted the company source.

They said that the closure of their offices responded to "new global trends from co-workers where relevance is less given to physical space. "What's added, Telefónica will focus on" more mature corporate investment (which is part of Wayra), which already has physical space. "

New strategy for Wayra reflection -Other than that- a change in the way of investing, because now it will no longer focus on accelerating startups but look for new companies and matches they might have with the business (scouting and right)

Telefónica also needs to increase investment amounts to 250,000 euros, "strengthening collaboration with operators to create systems that increase the scale of startups," he added.

"The vision is to make integration and sales of startup solutions represent businesses that are increasingly relevant for companies," Telefónica said. Wayra's aim, he said, was Get 200 startups with Telefónica in the next two years.

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