San Juan de Lurigancho: seven people were injured by rollovers from coasters with more than S / 285 thousand in ballots | Lima | Accident


Seven passengers were injured after the couster where they were traveling upside down San Juan de Lurigancho. Speeding will be the cause of traffic accidents.

The fact is recorded this morning in block 7 of the Próceres de la Independencia road, when the driver of the plate unit A8P-725 He wanted to overtake another vehicle that caused the accident.

Couster has accumulated 12 ballots and greater debt 285 thousand soles for all traffic errors I will star. According to residents of the area, the bus will become a & # 39; pirate & # 39; pirated, because he traveled on an illegal route.

Firefighters and police arrived at the scene and said "América Noticias" that the wounded only suffered minor injuries in various parts of the body, while the driver was transferred to Water box police station to be submitted to a legal investigation.


Traffic accident in SJL. (Video: América Noticias)


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