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Roger Waters in Lima: his message about corruption and discrimination in Peru | VIDEO The Commerce | Lamp | Music

Roger Waters, an English musician known for his political activism, sent a message about corruption and racial discrimination in Peru during the concert he gave this Saturday at the Monumental Stadium in Lima.

It was after "Eclipse" and just before ending the show with & # 39; encore & # 39; consisting of "The Gunner's Dream" and "Comfortably Numb", that British musicians stopped to offer their first and only message that night.

"They have become extraordinary spectators to play," he said. Then he showed the "love" he felt at the stadium and recalled the visit he had made to the capital in 2007.

"I was here 11 years ago … I know, this has been a long time and I remember that some Lima fans sent me porcelain pigs that I have so far in the kitchen of my home in England," he continued.

Roger Waters in Lima

IN VIDEO: Roger Waters and his message during a concert in Lima. (Source: El Comercio)

"As far as I recall, there were two things that worried Peruians, especially Lima: one was discrimination against Indians from this great country, if the love felt at this stadium could spread across the country, discrimination would disappear, we are brothers regardless of race or religion, "said former Pink Floyd.

"Another big problem, and I do my little research, is corruption, and they have to find ways to deal with it
with that because pigs regulate the world, "said the bassist, who then pondered" reducing the crazy differences between the rich and the poor. "" It is truly unacceptable in the 21st century, "he said and closed stressing that" unregulated capitalism "would not make the world better, but would" destroy "it.

During his concert in Lima, on a giant screen set on the stage projected a message offending war crimes, careless use of plastic, Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook owner) and, above all, against Donald Trump's management in the United States

"With you in the presidency nobody wins, we all lose, you are a big loser", are some of the messages sent during the interpretation of "Dogs" and "Pigs", two of the most political themes of the Waters / Pink Floyd repertoire.

In the course of his tour, Kami + They, formerly Pink Floyd, have talked openly about the political and social situation of the Latin American countries he has visited.

Brazil, for example, arrived before the second round of elections between Fernando Haddad and Jair Bolsonaro, and opposed the latter, whose name was projected on a list with world leaders he described as neo-fascists.

In Argentina he wore a green handkerchief that symbolized support for decriminalizing abortion and said: "I support women's rights … we need to reverse the ridiculous law that criminalizes this".

In Lima, the day before the concert at the Monumenta Stadium, Roger Waters participating – as he did in Chile – from a conference in the Arab Club to claim that he was a member of BSD (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions), a movement that sought to increase economic and political pressure on Israel to achieve a set of goals for Palestinian liberation.

During the talks, British musicians said he knew that corruption "was a big problem in Peru."

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