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Reduce consumption of cigarettes and soft drinks to stop fatty liver

Drink more than one soft drink a day or smoke more than one pack cigar, In addition to drinking enough alcohol, it can speed up appearance disease from fatty liver. French researchers revealed that, in addition to the above, practicing exercise at least two hours a week and replacing soda for a cup of coffee a day can have a protective effect.

According to the Strasbourg (France) University hospital professor, Lawrence Serfaty, regardless of metabolic risk factors such as obesity or diabetes, which is well known, it has now been shown that "environmental factors also have an important role to play in the origin of liver injury & # 39 39;

Serfaty stresses that to protect the liver in general, it is necessary to keep away from alcohol consumption and drinks, and drink at least two cups of decaffeinated coffee. "" For overweight people you can only suggest losing weight, but we know very well that this is often difficult. "

Fatty liver is a disorder that may or may not cause inflammation in the organ and which leads to scar formation, known as fibrosis, which can develop into cirrhosis, which damages the structure of the liver and damages its function. Unlike the name, consumption of foods rich in fat, by itself, does not cause disease, just like drinking alcohol excessively. (With Agency information)

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