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Tomorrow is an event community day in Pokémon GO and there is no time to lose.Cyndaquil it will become a Pokemon star and the possibilities are very interesting! If you want to make sure you catch Cyndaquil with Perfect IV we have brought you the best method to do so, brought directly from the global community and translated for us

You might think how you can make the best of it event Tomorrow in Pokémon GO. As you know, it's about community day from Cyndaquil which will bring a variety of possibilities to the Niantic application, if you need more general ideas before reading this note, you can read our complete complete guide for tomorrow's community day here.

Cyndaquil Quilava Pokémon GO

There might be a small problem for event in the morning the city is big and Cyndaquil They will be everywhere, how do you make sure you get the best from the best? Are there tactics or techniques to make sure you have Cyndaquil perfect? For that we have brought you a very useful table made by TEAM OF VALIO UIO, and that has been translated by us for you.

Not only you, but many players will catch lots of Pokémon and certainly have to decide which ones will stay together and which will not, and which ones will evolve during community days.

Well, to simplify your work, this table will tell you what values Combat Points (CP or PC) is the best if you want to get Cyndaquil with perfect infusion

If you choose to use the estimation feature and some applications for IV calculations, you can lose the valuable time you need to find as much Cyndaquil as possible. Remember, the event will only last three hours. From 2pm at 5pm in Peru time.

With this table, you can finish your day calmly capturing when you have captured Cyndaquil with a perfect IV, because using it, you can use this reference table and associate each combat point pokémon.

Pokémon GO Cyndaquil table iv is perfect

Don't forget to use the estimation tool to confirm the value. Each of these point of battle they only indicate the possibility that pokémon has 100% IV. Don't stop using tools to make sure.


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