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A few days before arrival PlayStation Classic For the market, it's right to highlight some features and answer some of the most frequent questions about the new mini console.

If you are one of those who is interested in buying equipment to revive the good times with Sony consoles, pay attention to these answers.

► What is the PlayStation Classic?

This is a mini version of the console that was made to revive the famous heritage of the first version of the PlayStation. It has a smaller format than the original, and is equipped with 20 games that have been installed from various genres.

It has two controls with cable and will be sold on December 3 and in Peru this will be subject to S / 599 fees.

► Size and weight

It has dimensions of 149 x 33 x 105 mm, 45% smaller than the size of the original console. It weighs around 170 grams and each handle weighs around 140 grams.

► Games previously installed
(You can check the pre-installed game on this link)


PS Classic has a video resolution of 720p or 480p, so the display device must have several types of resolution adjustment functions, depending on the model.

► Cables and controls

The included HDMI cable has a length of 2 meters; The two controls included have a 1.5 m cable. The console includes an HDMI cable that is connected to the TV. Not compatible with other video or audio methods.

The details to note are that the only controls compatible with this mini console are included in the box. Therefore, the PS2 and PS1 commands cannot be used.

► Disk and memory card operation

How do disk changes work?

When you reach the end of the disk in a game that originally had several discs, such as Final Fantasy VII and Metal Gear Solid, press the open button on the console to switch to the next virtual disk.

How do memory cards work?

Each game has 15 (virtual) memory card slots, which can be managed in the console's main interface, as will be the original PlayStation. If the saved file is deleted, it will be lost and cannot be restored.

On the other hand, the console reset button will return the user to the system's main interface and make a safe point from when it was left playing. When you return to the game, you can start from the safe point you made.

Can the System Link function be used to join two or more PlayStation Classic?

Not. This system will not be available on the PlayStation Classic. However, you can play multiplayer mode on a separate screen.

►This will show the game interface

► fuel supply

Use the included USB cable to connect the console to a USB power source with outputs of 5 V and 1.0 A (minimum), such as a USB AC adapter (not included).

► Frequent questions

Can I connect to PSN to download more games on the PlayStation Classic?

Not. PlayStation Classic is an offline experience that is ready for use, so you cannot connect to the Internet.

Can I buy more games for the PlayStation Classic?

It's impossible to buy more games than previously installed 20.

Can the PS Classic read discs from the old PS1?

This console is 45% smaller than the original and does not have a disk drive.

► Final data

The Console will have a distinctive start sound. The shape is identical to the original, but smaller.

This will be sold at the main videogame shop starting December 3.


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