Friday , January 15 2021

Pedro Chávarry: They are requesting a suspension at the CAL while the disciplinary process of the Public Prosecutor ends Policy

After the Ethics Council Five Bar Association (CAL) acknowledging a complaint against Pedro Chávarry, because he had committed a "serious violation" of the Code of Conduct which regulates the professional performance of a lawyer, an application had been submitted to order preventive action against the prosecutor.

Request, subscribed by CNDDHH, ANC, CGTP e IDL, requesting the suspension of Pedro Chávarry from CAL while the disciplinary process takes place before the referee makes the final decision.

The office asked, "that the postponement of the lawyer's attorney's attorney will be ordered (…) until the disciplinary process of the aforementioned members ends; and consequently the Registered Registration Office of the CAL is ordered to lead so that the defendant's fees can be suspended temporarily.

He also added that this should be reported to "Bar Associations throughout the country, to different Courts and the Attorney General's Office and Attorney General's Office", also to the Ministry of Justice, so that they "proceed according to the law".

As the nation's new prosecutor remembers, Pedro Chávarry, stated in the media about the reputation of his colleague's lawyers, stated that if "lying" they would fire, all lawyers must resign the CAL for the same reason.

They asked to suspend Pedro Chávarry from CAL while the disciplinary process took place by Claudia Ortiz on Scribd

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