Saturday , July 31 2021

Óscar del Portal calls Silvio Valencia & # 39; crazy & # 39; and he answered by saying & # 39; failed & # 39; | Video | Football in America | Pablo Bengoechea | Sports

A war between sports journalists has begun. Óscar del Portal attacks journalists Radio Exitosa in the latest issue of the program & # 39; Fútbol en América & # 39; belongs to this last Sunday.

The driver referred to the incident starring a few days ago by a sports journalist Silvio Valencia, where he firmly faced DT. Alianza Lima Pablo Bengoechea, who managed to get out of the question well.

Erick Osores congratulated Bengoechea for knowing how to avoid intervention Valencia, which Del Portal replied that he "only heard crazy people screaming".

"It's not about style, it's not polite, I hope I know how to apologize, it's a lack of respect for all journalists, I'm not a journalist, so I can say it," Del Portal said.

"He lacks respect for the coach, the players, whoever he wants, happily Bengoechea is a smart person (and he doesn't fall into the game)," added the American TV commentator.

However, Silvio Valencia He didn't take long to answer. Controversial journalists use their Twitter account to label it as & # 39; unsuccessful & # 39; From the portal.

"First to thank the people who support the sample, there are two football commentators who have attacked me, above cowards and failures … That is not from men, today I will give my respective releases," said the reporter controversial.

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