Sunday , October 17 2021

MTPE: Nearly 6 out of 10 workers in Peru are not listed on the form | Economy | Management & Employment

So far this year, the National Labor Inspection Labor Inspection (Sunafil ) has managed to get a private company to inaugurate 13,121 national workers, said today the Minister of Labor and Employment Promotion, Christian Sánchez .

The sectors with the highest number of payroll incorporation were education (18%), manufacturing (18%), real estate (14%), construction (11%) and wholesale and less (11%).

"There is a policy from Executive Strengths to outline a comprehensive strategy to combat informality of labor, currently, 54.6% of workers in Peru are not listed on payroll, which is nearly six out of 10 workers who work for employers without accessing any social benefits and without having a health or pension social protection system ", the owner detailed MTPE .

"Workers entering the payroll do not have contracts or are under the service placement modality, that is, their labor rights are not recognized, even though their work has the characteristics of dependent, day-to-day working hours and those that are under the subordinate direct supervisor, "he added.

In this line, he remembers that the main objective proposed by the government in 2021 is to abandon the basis and methodology of labor inspection to get the figure of 500,000 state workers on the payroll.

The Minister of Manpower , who participated in the presentation of the New Model of Intervention Control Sunafil , said that this methodology has enabled management control to focus on four activities: trade or service, public and private higher education, construction and provision of medical services.

In turn, Sunafil's supervisor, Jorge Luis Cáceres, stressed that the increase in the number of workers formalized was because the new model was proactive. "A team called Peru Formal has been formed, which conducts preliminary intelligence work in each operation that will be examined, and in the last two months it is possible to inaugurate 2,309 workers in Metropolitan Lima," he said.

"Every company that takes part in registering their workers voluntarily and does not get a fine, 100% of the call centers visited have included their workers voluntarily," Cáceres said.

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