Minsa: About 8 thousand new cases of type 2 diabetes are reported until June this year


The Ministry of Health (Minsa) said that a total of 8 098 new cases of diabetes type 2the most common type of the disease, which usually occurs in adulthood, is enrolled in endocrinology services from 99 hospitals, 95 centers and 62 national health posts, between January and June this year.

Within the framework of the activities associated with World Day to Combat Diabetes which is commemorated every November 14th, a specialist in Minsa Preventive Medicine and Public Health, Dr. Jorge Hancco, warned that the numbers were increasing, becoming the most important risk factor for being overweight and obese.

He pointed out that the regions with the highest prevalence of diabetes and obesity were Tacna, Madre de Dios, Callao and Piura.

Therefore, he said, it was urgent that a million Peruvians who suffer from this disease change their lifestyles, consume fruits, vegetables, practice sports; and don't leave the treatment unfinished, if not, he warns that complications will arise earlier, trigger vision, kidney problems, and polyneuropathy, conditions in the nerves and diabetic feet.

Diabetes has become the fifth cause of death in Peru, and is one of the health problems that has lost most of its potential life, because of early deaths and productive years of life that are no longer a result of disability, especially in people between 15 and 69 years, "He said, mentioning that more and more teenagers and young people were diagnosed with this disease.

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