Wednesday , August 4 2021

Minedu attracts the principal where three school children are processed

Jorge Félix Lucho Sandoval, the director in charge of the Unanue Hipolito school, where three school children were processed on Wednesday, were dismissed from their posts in a preventive manner, the Ministry of Education (Minedu) reported.

The decision was taken by the Discipline Administrative Process Commission from the Lima Metropolitan Area Office (DRELM), after learning the results of the initial investigation conducted at the Five educational institutions mentioned.

Then, DRELM and UGEL 03 were installed in schools as intervention committees that would be responsible, from now on, to attend to the students separately. The work team consists of specialists from the fields of management, supervision, guidance and coexistence from UGEL.

The Minedu announced that it would strengthen the development of activities involving teachers, parents and students to prevent cases of violence and drug use in schools. Affected children, as well as scholars appointed as people responsible for doping, will receive psychological and socio-emotional support from this sector.

As remembered, three schoolchildren of 14 years were found semi-conscious in the Hipolito Unanue national school, located in Cercado de Lima. According to a witness's testimony, his classmates will do it.

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