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Magaly Medina on his departure from Latina: "There are four cats who feel annoyed and depressed to get me out" Photo 1 of 4 | Shows

Magaly Medina after being presented in the Beto Ortiz program and stated that he wanted to be serious, but not suitable , he told me what really happened when suddenly Latina takes it out of the air for a Her comments about Paolo Guerrero and sanctions from TAS which, until now, prevented him from playing in the 2018 Russian World Cup.

"They told me it was a channel from the national team, that it affected the economic interests of the sponsors, but for me it was four cats from those who did sports who felt disturbed," he said. Magaly Medina refers to a team led by Eddie Fleischman for the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

He added that "the Peru Football Federation has never wanted me, never wanted me … Beyond everything are people and executives who pay attention to that person, because I believe journalists must be independent and if you are in your midst, You don't defend your journalist, you are wrong then, "he said. Magaly Medina.

Magaly Medina

Magaly Medina told why she was taken from Latina. (Video: ATV)


Interesting Latina program & # 39; La Purita Verdad & # 39; by Magaly Medina after the comments he made about Paolo Guerrero generated a wave of criticism of channels on social networks and changed the hashtag #LatinaDespideAMedina to be a trend.

In a brief statement released in the Latina bulletin, it was read that both channels and Magaly Medina they decided "by mutual agreement that he resigned from the temporary air".

"At times like this, where Peru must be united as a team, Latina and the woman Magaly Medina They have decided by mutual agreement that he is temporarily withdrawing from the air, because it does not coincide with the vision and treatment of problems that are very relevant to our channel. Madam Medina's participation will be determined as the conclusion of the World Cup, "said the statement.

Magaly Medina press release

Latina issued a statement about the launch of the Magaly Medina program.


Magaly Medina announced that morning in May news of Paolo Guerrero's sanctions and he did not hesitate to comment on when the Peruvian team captain spent, words that viewers did not accept well and criticized him harshly on social networks.

"The situation of Guerrero must be very difficult, I personally understand that you have the truth and that the court does not believe it." When that happened to me in my life: they did not believe my truth, knew what it was, made my conscience calm. Paolo Guerrero, that's the situation, "he said. Magaly Medina.

Magaly Medina about Paolo Guerrero

Magaly Medina about Paolo Guerrero

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