Machu Picchu: Mincul stated that there was no approved rate increase Peru | Cusco


The Ministry of Culture (Mincul) ruled out that next year's prices will increase to enter historic sanctuaries Machu Picchu and the level of promotion in July and August is suspended.

Through a statement, the institution refers to a version indicating this alleged variation. "No modification has been agreed for the entry fee Machu Picchu both for citizens and foreigners, "they said.

Director of the Directorate of Deconcentration Culture Cusco (DDC-Cusco), Luis Nieto Degregori, said yesterday to Trading that there are proposals (within the framework of conservation of historic sanctuaries) so that, starting in 2020, new tariffs will be applied to enter the Inca fortress. Machu Picchu, but denied that variations in ticket costs were made from next year, because the standard stipulates that any changes in costs must be published one year earlier.

"A variation is being planned for 2020. In the first hour shift there will be a 20% increase, in the second shift the costs will be maintained and in the third shift there will be a 20% decrease," he explained.

At present, this is the price for entering the Inca fortress Machu Picchu:
– Adults in general: S / 64
– Universities and non-university higher education students: S / 32
– School education students: (initial, primary and secondary), and children (up to 12 years): S / 32

Mincul added in a statement that they were working on integral proposals that would allow them to produce a plan to reorganize and optimize tourist visits to historic sanctuaries. Each modification will only be formally communicated.

Regarding the new schedule to visit Machu Picchu, starting in January next year, historic sanctuaries can be visited in three hours: the first will be 6 am, 7 am. and 8 am; the second from 9am, 10am and 11am; while the third is 12pm, 1pm. and 2 o'clock in the afternoon

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