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Lima | Callao | ATU will start functioning on Wednesday, October 16, Lima

Starting Wednesday, October 16 will begin the implementation of functions transferred to the Urban Transport Authority for Lima and Callao (ATU), by City of Lima (Urban Transport Management), and Provincial Callao Municipality (Public Urban Transportation Management), within the framework of the provisions of Law No. 30900 and the Regulations.

This provision will aim to regulate, implement and manage the Lima and Callao Integrated Transportation Systems, within the framework of policy guidelines approved by the Ministry of Transport and Communication (MTC).

The carrying out of functions relating to the sanction administration procedure indicated in the first article of the Ordinance N ° 2162 of City of Lima It was assumed by ATU on January 2, 2020.

Until then, the Tax Administration Service (SAT) from MML Maintain the function, according to what is indicated in the standard mentioned above.

It is worth mentioning that ATU guaranteeing the normal provision of public transportation services for people in the cities of Lima and Callao, as well as related procedures.

that ATU It has a legal mandate to order public transportation through the creation, organization, implementation and management of an Integrated Transportation System which covers all types of urban mobility: metro, bus, taxi, bicycle, and unconventional modes such as cable car.

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