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When Carlos Galdós approaching ATV facilities to be interviewed by Beto Ortiz at & # 39; Beto a Saber & # 39; for controversial statements about Keiko Fujimori which caused controversy in the network and for that he had to apologize, radio conductors were accepted to & # 39; huevazos & # 39; by several protesters outside the channel.

In the Radio Capital program, Carlos Galdós talking about prison conditions Keiko Fujimori after the lawyer for the leader of the Fuerza Popular indicated that he bathed with a woman in Santa Mónica.

"You, you open the shower and you stay 20 minutes under the shower and you rinse everything, you have to think of Keiko with a cup of water, with the right person rinsing her nipples? Carlos Galdós on the Radio Capital program on the last Monday, November 26. But not everything is there, because the columnist also continues.

Carlos Galdós

Carlos Galdós

"Don't you think that Keiko doesn't even have a conditioner for hair? Why do you make me look like that Carla? Do you not use conditioner? I know people who put conditioners in there, while Keiko, washing with jars," he said Carlos Galdós, what irritated Fujimoristas, like Congressman Luz Salgado.

After all the comments he received for his statement on Radio Capital, Carlos Galdós he offered a public apology for the words referring to Keiko Fujimori.

"I acknowledge my strength with Keiko Fujimori yesterday on my radio show, I apologize in a sincere and shy way, same as my listeners," Carlos Galdós wrote on Twitter.

In & # 39; Beto a Saber & # 39; they did not indicate whether the demonstrators had political affiliation, because they only appeared with posters and eggs (to throw Carlos Galdós), but without a presentation from a political party.

Carlos Galdós

Carlos Galdós was accepted to & # 39; huevazos & # 39; when he went interviewed with Beto Ortiz. (Video: Beto a Saber)


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