It exploded the iPhone X during iOS updates, what does that mean for the brand?


Image: Twitter from @rocky_mohamad
Image: Twitter from @rocky_mohamad

International.- A user loads and updates iOS on his iPhone X, but suddenly, the terminal explodes. In particular, it was Rocky Mohamadali's Twitter user who saw how his iPhone X exploded when installing a system update to iOS 12.1. He, not short or lazy, decided to write to the company via Twitter and gave them the following message: "iPhone gets hot and explodes during the process."

Apple responded to the user even though his response was surprising because he assured him that "it was not expected behavior" and asked him to contact them via a personal message to review what happened.

This user must send the expired iPhone X by mail to the company even though he bought it in January this year and has used it normally, as he has stated to several media.

When an explosion occurs when the update is complete and the screen lights up.

What is clear is that this case is very reminiscent of what happened with the explosion of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 model, an explosion that saw the cellphone's success cut off in the summer of 2016 due to problems with the battery. The Samsung model underwent a partial withdrawal from the market in mid-September of that year and the Korean company finally announced a complete withdrawal of store models in October that year.

Now, we have to wait and see if there are more iPhone X models that exploded during the operating system update or for other reasons, what is clear is that if this happens at the right time, it will be a blow to Apple, because, even if the cellphone again available to the company, as long as the time the sale was successful, and it was as claimed by the Cupertino company, the company confirmed that it sold 41.3 million iPhone X during the fiscal third quarter of this year, a figure that was not bad for the telephone this number appears, has been on the market for around six months.

After this sale, Apple shares rose 2.2% to $ 194.44 after the close of the New York stock exchange. Now, we have to wait to see how the numbers will be made by the company Steve Jobs after the explosion of this terminal model that came to the market to revolutionize the smartphone sector, thanks to features like personalized emoji and Face ID, face recognition with which users can unlock their terminal.



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