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How I managed to increase the difficulty of Pokémon Let 's Go to enjoy it like 20 years ago

Let 's Pokémon Go this is a remake of Yellow Pokémon, one of the first editions of the Game Freak game that appeared in 1998. Like most children at that time, I was also obsessed with Pokémon, but only with the first generation (from there, I only remember Togepi, and because it appeared in the first season of anime )

Let's go It seems the game is ideal for reclaiming pocket monsters. This happened at Kanto, telling the same story I already knew about the Game Boy game, and only contained the first generation Pokémon (with a few exceptions like Meltan and the strange form of Alola).

I played it twice. With my 7 year old sister in multiplayer mode (each with Joy Con and Nintendo Switch connected to TV) and myself, with consoles always in portable mode. I don't think such a repetitive game will attract my sister, but be an expert player Pokémon Go it attracted him to the battle and background of the world of Pokémon.

The game is beautiful. Everything felt familiar to me and, at the same time, all managed to surprise me: from adorable cinematic scenes to very detailed designs in sports buildings. The new Kanto is a lively and vibrant world that shows that this is not a secondary title for Game Freak, but the complete Pokémon game Nintendo plays with decaffeinated marketing.

This is also an easy game. Maybe it's too easy. And that's because this is a game designed for children. Junichi Masuda, executive director and chief development officer of Game Freak, explained Eurogamer controversial decision:

These games are mainly intended for children who have not had the opportunity to play Pokémon Go because, well, they don't have a smartphone. We think that among all the Pokémon games so far, the closest to children is Yellow PokémonYou have Pikachu, of course, as the main feature in these games, and you have Team Rocket, which also appears in many anime, so by rearranging this game, we will re-arrange Pikachu for the modern audience. We thought that Yellow Pokémon it would be the easiest thing for everyone to understand, and then we realized that it would come out during the twentieth anniversary of the launch of the game, so we thought: "great!, in perfect harmony".

For my brother, the process works in reverse: he has already played Pokémon Go with my dad's phone and go to the console. For the rest, Masuda hit the nail on the head: my sister didn't want to know anything about Eevee and chose Let 's Pokémon Go: Pikachu to have Pikachu as a companion Pokémon.

The accompanying Pokémon is, exactly, where the "difficulty" problem of this game begins. Pikachu and Eevee are incredible Pokémon, with invincible statistics, defense, speed and health. If you add to this the possibility of teaching them exclusive movements that are very strong, the choice of weakening rivals in one hit increases exponentially (and if they do not weaken it, these movements can leave a continuous effect on it).

Pikachu can learn three exclusive movements: Pikaturbo, electric type; Pikapikado, flying type; and Salpikasurf, water type. Eevee can learn eight: Flarembestida, type of fire; Vapodrenaje, water type; Joltioparálisis, type of electricity; Espeaura, psychic type; Umbreozone, spooky type; Bombs, plant types; Glaceoprisma, type of ice; and Sylvetoran, fairy type. That electric Pokémon like Pikachu can make a type of water attack means that it is now strong against Pokémon from rock or earth types.

Also, when the story progresses, you finally make yourself with a small warehouse of sweets that allows you to upload your colleagues' statistics beyond what makes sense. And to make matters worse, friendships that have this Pokémon with you provide additional benefits in battle.

When I played with my brother, I was player 2 (also known as a Support Coach) and rarely came to attack, because Pikachu managed to shoot down the opponent from the blow. He's funny, but I'm bored like an oyster (or should I say like Shellder?).

Playing alone, the first decision I made to increase the difficulty of the game was not to fight with the accompanying Pokémon. You can also delete it from the team and replace it with another Pokémon (you can still use a secret technique that allows you to progress in the story), but I choose to keep it in order to be able to match it and use it if everything gets worse.

The problem is that not only companion Pokémon has extraordinary statistics. Also the Pokémon that has provided you throughout history, such as Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Persia, has individual values ​​that are second to none. Another way to get Pokémon with extraordinary statistics is blowing (but you have to catch Pokémon from the same species 40 times in a row to get them).

For my purposes to increase the difficulty of the game, avoiding extraordinary Pokémon and flattening other, more mediocre creatures is superfective. Quite a challenge, yes, but it makes fighting more dependent on my ability to strategy. This allows me to use six of my team's Pokémon more, changing from one to the other in the middle of the battle to take advantage of their special attacks and their strength against rivals.

The trick to making matches more balanced is to go to game settings and change the battle style from "With changes" to "Fixed". This option prevents you from changing Pokémon before the opponent releases the next creature. In default mode, the game warns you of a Pokémon that will attract your opponent to use and retrieve Pokémon that are strong against it. In fixed mode, changing Pokémon will always cost one round.

Let 's Pokémon Go introducing two major changes that reduce the difficulty of the game. The first is a new system for capturing Pokémon that resembles a Pokémon Pokémon Go. This system can be very addictive and, well, kids like my brother like it. The problem is, if you manage to catch the first and accurate Pokémon (something that becomes very easy with the console in portable mode), all Pokémon on your team will win some ridiculous experience points.

Many experience points mean that the Pokémon that has been with you for some time has risen unstoppable, even if you don't use it to fight. If you want to catch all the new or special Pokémon you find out there (big or small Pokémon gives more experience points), the result is a team of hypervitaminization creatures that your rivals can hardly weaken. The simplest solution I found for this problem was to only catch one Pokémon per species and put new Pokémon on my team from time to time to develop it.

Other changes Let 's Pokémon Go what makes everything too easy is Pokémon Box. Instead of transferring your Pokémon to the Pokémon (or PC Bill) storage system, Let's go allows you to save your creatures in a Box that travels with you anywhere and that you can access before and after each fight. This means that, if Pokémon is weakened in battle, you can always change it for your other inventory without going to the Pokémon Center. To avoid the temptation to do this, I only use Potions and Reviving.

Finally (and this is nothing new) an easy way to improve your Pokémon's skills is to teach them MT or Technical Machines. Teach him to spray Squirtle and you will have a strong water type attack on low level Pokémon (and this you can do almost at the beginning of the game, when you beat Misty in your gym). Avoiding MT forces you to train your Pokémon more strongly.

Put this trap voluntarily at Let 's Pokémon Go You can change the gaming experience drastically. This is the difference between not seeing your Pokémon weakened by your opponent (not even against the Pokémon League) and on the verge of losing against normal opponents. Sometimes he controls (especially in places that are disturbed by coaches, such as caves or intercity routes), but as Let's go This makes it possible to miss a lot of fights avoiding the coach's appearance, it doesn't matter.

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