Facebook Virus: Youth declares his love by using hundreds of chicken farms and surprising thousands of netizens Video | Photo | Face | FB The Commerce | Social Network | Facebook


The extraordinary romantic attitude taken by a young farmer who could not find a better way to tell a girl about her farm animals caused a sensation in Facebook. Within a few days, the clip exceeded 140,000 reproductions and 1800 reactions.

As you can see, the video began to show that the film's protagonists appeared on the open field and encouraged small cars that facilitated the movement of corn, important cereal that served as food for the impressive group of chickens that followed it.

So, using a little ingenuity and without ignoring romanticism, young farmers decide to form hearts with food, causing birds to find this to recreate what is popularly known as a symbol of classic love. Curious scenes cause a sensation Facebook, where all types of comments are generated among internet users.

Things will not be there later, a few seconds later, viral clips from Facebook he let us see that the young man chose to repeat the process. However, on this occasion, he decided to form the initials "I", heart, and "U", which would be translated into Spanish as "I love you".

"This is the best way to express your love … if you are a chicken farmer," showing a description of the video Facebook which has been shared more than 1500 times on popular platforms.

Filming was raised Facebook This originates comments among users, which react differently to internet trend material. "I think he's been alone on the farm for too long," said one. "The chickens end up at the table for a wedding," said another.


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