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Exchange rates: dollar prices this Saturday, December 5, 2020 ATMP

Dollar prices in Peru from today, Saturday, December 5, 2020, at 3.58 sol, while at parallel market (exchanger), the dollar price stood at 3.59 soles buy and 3.62 sales.

Bank exchange rates

That dollar exchange rate Today it is placed at 3.58 soles for purchases and 3.60 soles for sales, in the windows of the country’s major banks.

Parallel exchange rates

Dollar exchange rate today in the informal market Lima operates at 3.59 sol to buy and 3.62 sol for sales.

Dollars in Ocoña

The dollar in Ocoña is quoted as the lowest-priced currency in downtown Lima. In order to access the changes, you just have to move to Jiron Ocoña.

How to convert from dollars to soles?

To convert from dollars to dollars, we show a table with numbers from 1 dollar to 5,000 dollars.

Dollars (USD) to Soles (PEN)
1 dollar = 3.60 sol
5 Dollars = 18 Soles
50.00 Dollars = 180.00 Soles
100.00 Dollars = 360.00 Soles
500.00 Dollars = 1,800.00 Soles
1,000.00 Dollars = 3,600.00 Soles
5,000.00 Dollars = 18,000.00 Soles

How do I convert insoles to dollars?

Here is a table for converting soles to dollars from 1 sol to 5000 soles.

Sol (PEN) to Dollars (USD)
1.00 Soles = 0.30 Dollars
5.00 Soles = 1.50 Dollars
50.00 Soles = 15.00 Dollars
100.00 Soles = 30.00 Dollars
500.00 Soles = 150.00 Dollars
1,000.00 Soles = 300.00 Dollars
5,000.00 Soles = 1,500.00 Dollars

How do you know if a dollar is a fake?

Printing aid

– This technique consists of moving your finger up and down Benjamin Franklin’s shoulder, the left side of the bill will feel rough to the touch.


– Each dollar has a faint image of Benjamin Franklin printed in the right space of the portrait that is visible when the banknote is held against the light. The image should be visible on both sides of the printed paper.

3D Security Tape

– Another way to tell if a dollar bill is a fake is by the vertical blue line which is located to the right of Benjamin Franklin’s picture, it must be woven and not printed, you will be able to tell when you move the banknote, in addition to the bells printed on top of the line being 100 numbers and vice versa.

Bell and inkwells

– You will also be able to see whether or not the bells printed on the inkwell, which represent the well used to sign the American Declaration of Independence, should change from copper to green as you move or tilt the bill.

Components load slowly

What are the variations of the dollar this week?

Below you can see the trend of the dollar in Peru this week.

Dollar variation. Photo: catch.

Latest news from Peru

Congress revokes the Agrarian Law

Plenary Congress on Friday, December 4, they decided to repeal the Agrarian Promotion Law after several days of protests by workers of agricultural export companies. Demonstrations took place in the north and south of the country.

Likewise, the DPR ordered the formation of a multiparty commission tasked with creating new norms that meet the demands of employees in the agricultural sector. This group was given 15 days to draft a new Agrarian Law.

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