DIRECTV Sports ™ | Real Madrid sympathizes with the deadly crash of sub-14 teams in Peru


Set Merengue issued a statement about the tragedy that took place in Amazonas, Peru, where 7 teenage football players lost their lives.

Real Madrid He expressed his feeling of solidarity with the families of victims of tragic accidents that occurred on the road between the provinces of Rodríguez de Mendoza and Chachapoyas, in the Amazon region, in Peru, where seven teen soccer players lose their lives.

As is well known, the football team from the Toribio Rodríguez Mendoza school traveled on the bus which last Sunday will play the end of the Federation Cup that takes place in Chachapoyas.

In this case, through a statement, Real Madrid said that "he regretted the death of the players from the sub-14 Toribio Rodriguez Mendoza School (Peru) soccer team because of an accident on the bus they were riding in. They expressed their condolences to their families and friends , hoping for a quick recovery from the injured. "

For its part, the Peru Football Federation also expressed its solidarity and commented that "it will support the organizers of this tournament in everything they can so they can provide support to affected families."

He also noted that "FPF missed the rapid recovery of the wounded and publicly sympathized with all the families of this terrible accident that grieved national football."

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