Saturday , May 8 2021

Dictates appearance by limiting Jorge Yoshiyama Sasaki | Political

Judge Richard Concepcion Carhuancho He issued an appearance with restrictions and barriers to leaving the country for 36 months against Jorge Yoshiyama Sasaki, for alleged money laundering crimes and justice barriers.

About Yoshiyama Sasaki no preventive detention was issued because the defendant accepted the charges and gave a statement to the Public Prosecutor's Office.

However, nephew of former Minister Jaime Yoshiyama must obey the rules of conduct. This will be through biometric control every 30 days, not communicating with other people who are processed in the same case and paying bonds of 500 thousand soles.

During one of the hearings to support the request for pretrial detention, prosecutor José Domingo Pérez linked the testimony of Yoshiyama Sasaki, who admitted that he was looking for fake contributors in the 2011 election campaign. He did so, he claimed, at the request of his uncle Jaime Yoshiyama

Prosecutor José Domingo Pérez said that, after collaboration, he supported a limited appearance.

"Own Jorge Yoshiyama Sasaki has indicated submission to criminal prosecution. "In that sense, there is no need to have a greater impact on their fundamental rights and, with the steps requested earlier, we believe that the development of this process can be ascertained," the prosecutor said.

For its part, the judge indicated that, after receiving the charges and cooperating with the court, it was impossible to show "the danger of obstructing justice" in part of Yoshiyama Sasakior "procedural danger". For that reason he decided to dictate his appearance with restrictions.

The line is also a lawyer from Jorge Yoshiyama, who raided restrictive appearance.

For this case the judge Richard Concepcion Carhuancho He has been in custody against Keiko Fujimori, Vicente Silva Checa, Pier Figari, Ana Herz and Luis Mejía Lecca. In all of them, he agreed to tax terms for a period of 36 months.

Fujimori and Herz were held in the Pavilion Prison for Chorrillos Women; Silva Checa, who was accused of being an unofficial adviser to Fujimori, is serving a preventive sentence in prison Ancón I; while Pier Figari and Luis Mejía Lecca did the same in Castro Castro's prison.

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