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César Vallejo beat Juan Aurich 2-0 and qualified for the Division II final [VIDEO] | Ascent Tournament

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The end of the match!

89 & # 39; All Vallejo were refugees almost in his area and Juan Aurich did not succeed in discounting.

85 & # 39; TRIFULCA AND EXPULSADOS! Anderson Cueto and Alvaro Medrano went into the blow and the referee took a red card for both.

81 & # 39; Once again Marvín Rios tries a bomb out of the wide area.

75 & # 39; Juan Pretel received the referee's attention by delaying taking his bow.

64 & # 39; Marvín Rios took a whip from the area and the ball came stroking the stick.

60 & # 39; EXPULSED! The referee gave Edgar Villamarín a second yellow card after a bad blow to the previous game.

56 gantian Substitution at César Vallejo: Arly Benites left and Giancarlo Peña entered.

53 & # 39; CASI! Robles hits a free kick, but again Pretel gets the ball.

46 & # 39; Substitution on Juan Aurich: Leaves of Renato Sandoval and Marvin Ríos entered.


45 & # 39; Cueto filled a free kick near the penalty area, but the ball bounced off the barrier.

40 & # 39; UFFFF! Raziel Garcia accused a free kick that crossed the crossbar.

31 & # 39; ATAJADÓN! Yglesias hit a header in the box, but goalkeeper Vallejo jumped and remained with the ball.

28 & # 39; Aurich attacked the Vallejo area with a ball, but managed to penetrate the rival defense saga.

22 Ganda Double by Álvaro Medrano!
Vallejo moved quickly with a counterattack and the national striker scored with a missile on the edge of the penalty area.

20 & # 39; WELCOME! Villamarín received a yellow card after a difficult entry at Renato Sandoval.

9 & # 39; Quinteros tried with a shot outside the area and the ball came out of line.

7 & # 39; Anderson Cueto shot the Pretel dropped into the corner of the goal.

4 Á ;lvaro Medrano produces tremendous savings!
Raziel Garcia took a corner kick and the striker hit a header to open the scoring in favor of Vallejo.

Battle begin!


César Vallejo: Juan Pretel; Edgar Villamarín, Leandro Fleitas, Jeremy Rostaing, Elsar Rodas; Alexander Sánchez, Raziel García, Ronald Quinteros, vlvaro Medrano, Arly Benites; Andy Pando.

Juan Aurich: Exar Rosales; Segundo Carrasco, Joel Quispe, Jorge Yglesias, Josué Estrada; Javier Robles, Rick Campodónico, Renato Sandoval; Anderson Cueto, Alfredo Carrillo, Lucas Gomez.


César Vallejo thank you Juan Aurich DIRECT at the City Stadium Casa Grande starting at 3:00 a.m. in a replay game to determine the finalists who will refute the Second Division title and miss promotion. Transmission and minute by minute will be responsible for

After Juan Aurich's 3-1 victory in the first leg, César Vallejo's goal was to overcome the overall result and take advantage of his position as a local player to persuade his opponent's psychology.

Team & # 39; Chemo & # 39; del Solar, overrides claims that leadership & # 39;Poet& # 39; Filed against & # 39;Northern Cyclone& # 39; For alleged debt pending, and concentrate on getting positive results so as not to depend on the ADFP-SD decision.

With leadership Pando, Orejuela and Flietas, Vallejo has the obligation to win with two goals from the difference to pass the round, because being in a better position at the accumulated table allows him to get away with a tie in the overall result.

On the other hand, Carlos Cortijo's squad only needed to keep the score in a draw, because the first duel victory left him with a profit, however, he underwent a similar scenario in the quarterfinals before Huaral Union and he almost lost his share.

Throughout the year, César Vallejo and Juan Aurich faced each other on three occasions, and the Chiclayan team had excelled in all commitments, winning 3-1 twice, while others were 2-0.

One of these clubs will go to the final, where they will measure their strength against the winner of the duel between Carlos Mannucci and Cienciano.

Possible line-up of César Vallejo vs. Juan Aurich:

César Vallejo: Rabines, Rostaing, Requena, Fleitas, Villamarín, Rodas, García, Quinteros, Benites, Orejuela and Pando.

DT. José del Solar

Juan Aurich: Rosales, Carrasco, Herrera, Quispe, Church, Pajuelo, Robles, Campodónico, Cueto, Estrada and Gómez.

DT Carlos Cortijo.

César Vallejo vs Juan Aurich ONLINE ONLINE by Gol Perú LIBERO: schedules and channels to qualify for the Division II finals | Ascent Tournament

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