Cellphone recycling, business & # 39; green & # 39; which is booming


"The iPhone can have three lives, can be repaired twice, this is the strongest product, which has the longest operating period," explained Matthieu Millet.

Given the high prices of the latest devices, more and more consumers are choosing to buy an updated smartphone, far cheaper than the new one, a decision that also contributes to reducing the environmental impact of this expensive device.

"A iPhone He can have three lives, can be repaired twice. This is the most dense product, which has the longest operating period, "he explained. Matthieu Millet, that the 39 companies are in front of the Remade company, which is located in western France, which is dedicated to the repair of cellular telephones, a business that must grow rapidly in the coming years, according to several studies.

This year, Remade hopes to put 800,000 on the market iPhone "reconstructed" at a much lower price than the new device (-26% in the case of a iPhone X, for example, while the new XS model costs at least 1,155 euros.

"What Remade is doing is a very good thing," said Erwann Fangeat, an engineer from the Environment and Control Agency. French Energy (Ademe, for the acronym in French).

"The lifespan of smartphones is at least 5 or 6 years, but 88% of French change their cellphones even though the old ones still work and apply".

In place of Ramede, a large warehouse located not far from the tourist Mont Saint-Michel, hundreds of employees in white suits unpack, inspect, repair and reinstall thousands of iPhones every day.

Millet, who declared himself a group admirer Apple, he wears jeans and sports shoes and manages a team of 850 people, 500 of whom work in repairing and rebuilding smartphones. In mid-October, the company announced that it employed 200 additional employees before the end of the year.

With only 23 years he bought a TV repair company where he worked. In 2014, he realized that the reconditioned iPhone reefs had generated 200,000 euros in business volume since February and 23 million euros that year.

In 2017, business volume reached 130 million euros and continued "in strong growth" this year, according to Millet.

Raw materials, damaged cellphones, purchased in large quantities from telephone operators at France and the United States.

"We know how to dismantle everything and re-assemble it, the product should not only function, but also must function like a new time," he stressed.

– Environmental impact –

In addition to bags, cell repair and reconditioning industries have benefits in the environment.

Smartphone construction has significant environmental costs. You have to extract between 95 and 225 kg of natural resources to build 300 grams of equipment. Each iPhone emits between 54 and 110 kg of CO2 during the construction phase, according to Apple

"The longer the product lasts, the more the impact on the environment will be reduced because of delaying the construction of new cellphones," said Fangeat. With reconditioned iPhones, "we avoid 90% carbon compared to new ones," he added.

In addition, Remade stated its manufacturing process to calculate how many tons of greenhouse gases saved by the company by providing a second life for the telephone. As such, they expect to get 100,000 tons of carbon credit, which can be resold to companies that are more polluting.

"I am not Greenpeace"Matthieu Millet was released" But I am happy to have this model, to know that this is good for people and planets ".

Raw materials that need to be recycled are still very large, because Ademe calculates that there are 30 million phones stored in private homes. "The priority is, at least, to delay purchases and send them to be repaired when they are damaged," just say so Fangeat


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