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Arequipa: Hay Festival Arequipa until 2021 | Society

There is hope that the fourth edition of the Hay Festival will open with the presence of literary titan Mario Vargas Llosa. Patrol and police around the Regional Library that bears its name, on Arequipa, they increase that possibility. The Nobel Literature 2010 He finally did not arrive at the ceremony which opened the official curtain of the idea festival. However, news that the Hay Festival will remain alive three more years he encouraged the audience.

With applause, they celebrated the announcement made by regional governor Yamila Osorio Delgado. "The benefits that Arequipa received from the realization of all these editions have been many, such as cultural tourism, the exploration and diffusion of the city, our architecture and cooking skills, which already exists throughout the world, "he said. Soon, together with the director of Hay Festival Internacional, Cristina Fuente La Roche, the extension of agreement. The addendum will allow three more editions to be carried out 2021, Bicentennial year.

Uncertainty that this party will end quietly, for a while. Lost next governor give the last award for Osorio's decision. "For now, we have invited them (two candidates for the governor) to attend the presentation," Fuentes announced.

Minister of Culture, Patricia Balbuena, present at the opening ceremony, stated that the organizers of the Hay Festival were examples for other cities to promote and organize more festivals, not only literature, but also cinemas, poetry and other arts.

While Spanish journalists and writers Jesús Ruiz Mantilla pointed out that Hay made it possible to share not only thoughts, but also disease and treatment who suffer from different societies in the world.


Year after year, the response from the community is very profitable. It starts with 15,000, Now the goal is to overcome 25,000 participants. Star guests are no doubt the authors City and dogs, which will arrive at the current partner company, which is socialite Isabel Preysler. Ticket sales skyrocketed on the news of his arrival. Vargas Llosa, who will participate in three talks and one more sending his books to the city, is the promoter of the Hay Festival landing in Arequipa: he suggested his hometown as the venue for the event.

Together with Vargas Llosa, a diaspora writer, journalist, artist and activist was invited. Another universal writer to look at is Indian-English Salman Rushdie. Other British guests are Helen Fielding, bestselling author Bridget Jones's diary.

"Conversation in the Cathedral It looks like it was written yesterday, "said Argentine poet and writer Mariano Rolando Andrade about a novel by a Nobel recipient from Arequipa. Rolando gave "Play honor" unofficial with the talk "Sobre poesía". The presentation is the first of more than 100 which will last for four days.

Not only literature will be a concern. From corruption will speak César Hildebrandt, Gustavo Gorriti, Rosa Maria Palacios, among others; science, Stephen Hawking's student, Christophe Galfard, and scientific diffuser of Andrés Gomberoff. The sports king will also be the center of conversation. Former Julio César Uribe will speak with Renato Cisneros, José Carlos Yrigoyen and Jaime Bedoya about football and our return to the World Cup.


"How to fight corruption"

Rosana Cueva, Ignacio Escolar and Gustavo Gorriti in a conversation with Federico Rosado Zavala

Place: City Theater

10:00:00 to 11:00:00

Mario Vargas Llosa in a conversation with Katya Adaui, Mariana de Althaus, Jeremías Gamboa and Santiago Roncagliolo, moderated by Renato Cisneros

Place: City Theater

12:00 p.m. to 13:00 p.m.

Helen Fielding in a conversation with Boycott Rosie

Place: City Theater

16:00:00 to 17:00:00

"Dream material"

Santiago Roncagliolo in a conversation with Clara Elvira Ospina

Venue: Auditorium College of Architects

16:00:00 to 17:00:00


Mario Vargas Llosa and Yoani Sánchez are chatting with Rosa María Palacios

Place: City Theater

18:00:00 to 19:00:00

"The importance of nature"

Carlos Magdalena and Andrea Wulf in a conversation with Rosie Boycott

Venue: Auditorium College of Architects

18:00:00 to 19:00:00

Salman Rushdie in a conversation with Juan Gabriel Vásquez

Place: City Theater

20:00:00 to 21:00:00

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