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Alliance Lima vs San Martín (3-2): see summary, goals, chronicles, and video of an intimate match against the saints, based on the 11th Clausura Tournament | Photo 1 of 6 | Peruvian Football

Lima Alliance He arrived with the determination to maintain three points and get it. After a tight first half, with a draw five minutes after the first goal, the intimate had to press more in the second half to close 3-2 before San Martin

Troops'Saint' try to dominate the first half, with a clear arrival to the bow Leao Butrón, but quickly the blue and white defenses know how to reduce danger. The intimate also tried to open the score and almost got it with a penalty Federico Rodríguez, but this did not materialize.

At 21 minutes, Saint Martin put 1-0 before Lima Alliance, by direct auction Yamir Oliva to the bow of Butrón. However, this celebration did not last long, because after five minutes it appeared Adrián Balboa to place a 1-1 draw. This score is not modified until the second half, with a goal Felipe Rodriguez.

Alliance Lima vs Summary of Saint Martin

See a summary of Alianza Lima vs San Martin (Video: GOLPERU)

Joazinho Arroé appears at the end to launch the center to the 'holy' area, this card is used by 'Felucho', which gives the final touch and thus puts 2-1 to the intimate one. This goal is celebrated in a very special way, because Uruguayan players do 'fusion' in front of the camera GOLPERU.

Three minutes later, Federico Rodríguez His revenge is charged before the bow Diego Penny and mark the third one of the game, with a pass from 'Felucho'. Everything indicates that this will end the score, but in the 82nd minute, Jefferson Portals gave life to the cast of Carlos Bustos by marking the second one Saint Martin.

However, with a clockwork fight and with a little precision in the operands, 'saints' had to settle for defeat in the presence of intimate troops who knew how to better organize on the field. With this result, Pablo Bengoechea's painting was placed at the University's point in the Closing Table.

Alliance Lima vs San Martin: post a match

Alliance Lima vs San Martin: confirmed lineup for the match by League 1

Saint Martin : D. Penny, S. Salas, J. Portales, M. Delgado, J. Bolívar, S. Afolabi, Y. Oliva, J. Concha, F. Gómez, J. Escobar and R. Espinoza.

Lima Alliance: L. Butrón, A. Salazar, G. Godoy, H. Riojas, C. Beltrán, A. Rosell, W. Cartagena, J. Arroé, F. Rodríguez, Fed. Rodríguez and A. Balboa.

Alliance Lima vs San Martín: follow minute by minute

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Alliance Lima vs San Martin will face this Sunday at 3.30 tonight. in the Alberto Gallardo stadium. The meeting will be broadcast by GOLPERU LIVE ONLINE LIVE and also through the application Play Movistar. Follow all the details of this commitment at

Alliance Lima vs Saint Martin it could be revenge from the 'saints', after the blue and white victory at the Opening Tournament, with the aim Joazinho Arroé. That opportunity, Víctor Reyes was responsible for the intimate team, which did not disappoint the fans who came to the Alejandro Villanueva stadium, to encourage their idols.

Lima Alliance Add 20 points so far in the tournament and occupy 4th place in the Table. However, in accumulation, intimates are seven points behind the (Binational) leader, so it will be a matter of time, while the troops' holy & # 39; fight in every meeting away from the drop zone.

Saint Martin Only one point apart from Sport Boys; However, this did not take him away from the last quota, because the minimal differences between the two teams had made them enter and leave this feared area. 'Saints' so far not having the campaign expected of Clausura, because they only added two wins, five draws and three losses.

Pablo Bengoechea He knew he had many victims in this game, just like them Gallese, Quevedo, Caro and Fuentes, all were called to the main division and U23 from Peruvian National Team. However, this has reaffirmed its commitment to work more with the team that must maintain its results this weekend.

But this is not the case Saint Martin, a team that uses its Twitter account to make public claims for the release of several players from the U23 concentration. And for this match he will not be able to rely on four players, among them Oslimg Mora, that because they are a loan from an intimate team, he cannot be counted for this date.

A rather strange fact is that Leao Butrón, current archer Lima Alliance, he won in 2010 with the 'holy' team, being in the same team as him Pedro Gallese, also blue and white archers.

Alianza Lima vs San Martín: world schedule

3:30 pm – Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, United States (Chicago) (New York +1, Washington +1, Florida +1, Nevada -2)
4:30 pm – Venezuela, Bolivia, Paraguay, Chile
5:30 pm – Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil
9:30 a.m. – English
10:30 pm – Spain, Italy, France, Germany

Alliance Lima vs San Martín: possible alignments

Lima Alliance: L. Butrón; G. Godoy, C. Beltran, H. Salazar, D. Caro, R. Cruzado, F. Rodriguez, A. Fuentes, F. Rodriguez, A. Balboa, K. Quevedo.

San Martin: D. Penny, M. Delgado, S. Salas, J. Portales, Y. Oliva, J. Vega, J. Concha, F. Gómez, S. Afolabi, J. Bolívar and R. Espinoza.


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