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Alejandro Toledo: From the war against Fujimori to prison for corruption | Alberto Fujimori | fujimorismo | Political

By: Henry Cotos

Nobel Prize Mea culpa Mario Vargas Llosa, when he said that he did not think that Toledo would use force to steal and that he supported it because "it seemed to represent the freedom and democracy that the Peruvians had lost", was the lament of thousands of people. Residents were disappointed by this character from Cabana, ashncash, who raised the fight against the Fujimorist dictatorship, but ultimately gave in to corruption and hiding it.

Until before fight against the government Fujimori's dictator, Toledo was an economist with political intentions, but to no avail. He ran for president in the 1995 election with an alliance called CODE – Possible Country, where he gained only 3.5% of the vote. In the 2000 election, his luck will change, after he remained the only opposition leader after the media demolition suffered by Luis Castañeda and Alberto Andrade, as victims chicha press from Fujimori and Montesinos.

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In those days, Peru was shocked by cases of corruption and human rights violations. The crisis became stronger because Fujimori decided to run for the president's third term with the new 1993 Constitution. Despite the efforts of opposition parties to present single candidate against Fujimori, that didn't happen. At that time, Toledo proclaimed an anti-corruption professor's speech. Therefore, opposition leaders urged residents to choose Toledo to prevent Fujimori from winning the first round. One of those who spoke for that option was Mario Vargas Llosa.

In the first round with complaints of changes in results, Toledo in second place should have been 40.3%, while Fujimori obtained 49.8%. Economists accused the government of committing fraud and he was carried on his shoulders by the crowd to the Plaza de Armas. Television channels do not send programs – except Channel N with a small arrival – and everything is meaningless.

The second round officially opened Fujimori's third government. Then claims became strong throughout the country and Toledo led what he called "peaceful resistance" to dictators. On July 28, 2000 Fujimori swore by a national protest called & # 39; Your Fourth Parade & # 39;.

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This historical fact, with the tragic balance of the guards killed at Banco de la Nación, and who by the Chicha press sought to hold Toledo accountable and judicial, did not prevent the takeover. Vladivideo must be announced in September, so the Fujimorist regime is forced to hold new elections.

In the process, in 2001, Mario Vargas Llosa reaffirmed his support for Alejandro Toledo, who defeated Alan García in the second round. Since then the image of economists has changed for the worse and he was involved in serious corruption allegations, which were publicly announced at the time and now known and took him to prison. That's why Vargas Llosa's lament.

Toledo is expected on Friday, July 26, the session in which it will be determined if public defense is accepted and the criminal will be transferred to fulfill the arrest during the extradition process proposed by the State of Peru.

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I want to regain the strength for 'business' # 39; others

For former Attorney Antonio Maldonado, what Toledo has done is even more serious than what Alberto Fujimori did. "Toledo has an incriminating factor. He knows how criminal organizations are articulated in democracy and that is more serious than what Fujimori does. You can't expect anything from a dictator, but much is expected from others."

He explained that based on the facts, Toledo and other presidents were trying to regain power to continue doing business with business mafia and ensure that illegal operations did not emerge.

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