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Goku, Vegeta and Broly They returned to the big screen with all the invasion advertisements that could be meaningful. Next premiere Dragon Ball Super This has caused so much interest that in November there will be film screenings for highly elected audiences. Here you will see a few new photo which they remove from the film.

Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super

Take a walk on Japan has been filled with posters and other commercial material from Dragon Ball Super. This is because they will hold a premiere in a week. Later it will arrive in a common way in all Asian countries to theaters December 14th.

Peru and Chile they still have to wait until January 17 to be able to see the voiceover version in Latin Spanish. Argentina will have a premier early: January 10. Meanwhile Mexico and the rest Latin America You will still see the film Dragon Ball Super that January 24, 2019.

& # 39; Hype & # 39; or overwhelmed emotions have been shared by all anime fans. This recording will be present for Broly as a criminal once more. However, the character will be renewed, just like his father Paragus and more Saiyajin than Planet Vegita.

For now, what is known about the plot & # 39; Dragon Ball Super: Broly & # 39; Will it focus on the story of the relationship between parents and children that redefines the future of the universe. On the one hand, this Vegeta, who fled the planet, before it was destroyed, with his father.

Goku will be abandoned by their parents because they don't want to be trapped. Meanwhile Broly will be exiled and raised by Paragus on an unfriendly planet. There is only one more father left on the list, and this is about King Cold, which affects the personality of young people Freezer to destroy all Planet Vegita.

In this way, the new history of the protagonist Dragon Ball Super. There is already an indication of that Broly will not leave the saga, it can be a recurring character in new episode from anime.

Yang, by the way, announced the return to the new manga for this year. That will tell the story Legendary Saiyan and its relationship with Goku, protagonist.

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