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Xperia 1R can be the first smartphone with a 5K screen

Let's hope this leak is real.

According to data taken by Japanese newspapers, the upcoming telephone from Sony with the J8220 model number is the world's first of its kind, with a 5K screen. This phone basically seems Xperia 2, but it seems to be launched with the name Xperia 1R.

Superior pixel density

The resolution will impress 5040 × 2160 with a 21: 9 aspect ratio if the leak is correct. It is believed that this phone is equipped with a 6.1-inch screen that makes the upgrade quite special – it means that the phone will have 70 percent more pixels than Xperia 1 with a 6.5-inch screen (3840 × 1644).

Sony Xperia-1R-UA-Prof-740x575

In practice, it also means that the Xperia 1R offers a pixel density of 899 (!), Quite impressive to ask us.

Screen technology leader

Sony has long been regarded as the leading leader and figure in screen technology that also includes cell phones, but this company, to some extent, struggles with other aspects of what is a good smartphone. In their time, they were the first producers to introduce phones with 720p screens, and lately they launched the Xperia Z5 Premium which is the first cellphone with a 4K UHD screen.

One can argue that the 5K screen on the mobile market is not so necessary, but it might give Sony the first step in VR-related games and applications.

The Sony Xperia 1R is expected to be announced at the beginning of September during the IFA 2019 in Berlin. With a 5K screen in the picture, we don't even want to speculate on the price.


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