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VIF announces review after court turmoil in Åråsen – VG

It hasn't been long since Bodø / Glimt closed the supporting stand at Aspmyra. Can the same thing happen in Vålerenga after the chaos in Åråsen?

Erik Espeseth, general manager of Vålerenga, at least warns of watching the scenes that happened to Åråsen in the 0-0 derby between Vålerenga and his rival Lillestrøm. However, he noted that "it is too soon to conclude anything".

– Now there will be a full review of the videos and pictures first. Then there will be talks with all parties involved, so this number will be very important for further reaction, he wrote in a text message to VG Saturday night.

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It wasn't long since Bodø / Glimt chose to turn off their supporters, including after the use of careless pyro and typhus, which created a big reaction.

The reaction also came after the derby at Åråsen on Saturday. Extensive use of pyro, fires on the field and even fireworks made headlines in the low-scoring 0-0 match.

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NFF manager about court turmoil in Åråsen: – A sad chapter in Norwegian football

– Today's program in Åråsen is shocking, disappointing, and unacceptable. Over the weekend and until the first working day next week, we have to get as much picture as possible about what is a sad chapter in Norwegian football, NFF manager Pål Bjerketvedt told VG.

Clan spokesman Erling Rostvåg partially agreed with Bjerketvedt, but realized that they and the NFF did not agree on many other things.

"Throwing pyro on the track is sad, but I suspect he would say the same thing," Klanen's spokesman Rostvåg told VG.

– What we consider a reasonable limit for support groups is not necessarily the same as the NFF. But then we have tried to draw a boundary internally, and today some lines are crossed. It was allowed to be escort, but the fact that a masked gang with a Finnish veil appeared a quarter before the fight and started talking to the police from the first moment was not good, he said.

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Fireworks fans are marked by a derby between Lillestrøm and Vålerenga

He said he had heard rumors about the choice but was not sure of its scope. The VIF section consists of several groups that work closely with the club and Klanen, and Rostvåg realizes that some people cross the internal line in Åråsen.

– There is nothing wrong with the flare itself. The problem arises when masks and throws piro into the field, said the Klanen leader.

– We have a collaboration with VIF, but the agreement was decided today, he added, and said it would be Vålerenga's responsibility to produce any consequences.

He also claimed that the clash with the apartment after the fight (see video below) occurred as a result of a number of provocations.

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