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– This is the classic PR project – NRK Culture and Entertainment

"Now this debate has come, applauding the participants and program management in their hands," said Kjell Terje Ringdal.

He worked as the first professor at Kristiania University College, where he taught rhetoric, social impact and public relations.

On Tuesday it was discovered that "Ex on the beach" participant Henrik Elvejord Borg made serious criticism of the reality program in his new book.

Ringdal considers all of that to look like a recipe for advanced PR

"This is a classic PR project from beginning to end," said a PR expert.

Think the media has bitten the bait

In the book "Text on the beach," Borg criticized the program for not finding bipolar disorder.

He also believed that the test before the recording was too bad, saying that people who had to be protected against themselves were relegated to a villa in Mauritius.

It records the 24 years in the diary he wrote during his stay.

Henrik Elvejord Borg

CRITICAL: In his new book "Text on the beach", Henrik Elvejord Borg criticized the program for not taking care of the participants well.

Photo: Cake publisher

Discovery told NRK that it had been decided earlier that Borg had to write about the experience during their stay, but they did not acknowledge Borg's claim.

Ringdal compares everything with forgiveness, where all parties understand what steps they will take to get the desired effect.

He also showed that he did not comment on moral issues, but the structure around him.

"Everything has begun with the idea of ​​a program that will gather participants participating in media drives, which in turn will create awareness. Both participants and companies think well that they get more attention, he said.

Ex on the Norwegian Coast, season 1

«EX ON THE BEACH»: This has been a huge success for the entertainment program "Ex on the Beach", which has been on television and poured this fall. From the left: Rikke Isaksen, Henrik Elvejord Borg, Melina Johnsen, Daniel Aakre Pedersen, Malin Håvardsdotter Jensen, Adrian Sellevoll, Cecilie Andrea Røising, and Lloyd Lawrence Lorenz.

Photo: Toke Mathias Riskjær / TV Norway

The program's long touches and participant comments have been widely featured in the media since the summer. Ringdal believes the media in this case has bitten the bait.

"Everyone bites the bait and can gather around the fish afterwards and enjoy the catch," he said.

Does that mean giggling

Medical Director Discovery Hanne McBride did not reject future collaboration with Borg.

"We have a good tone, so we don't rule it out. We are happy with him and he is very good on television," McBride told NRK.

Asking what according to Ringdal if collaboration had to occur, he said that the circle would be closed.

Hanne McBride

DO NOT EXCLUDE COOPERATION: Discovery Medical Director Hanne McBride said they thought Borg was very good on television, and did not reject collaboration in the future.

Photo: Anita Arntzen / Anita Arntzen

– Then I laughed loudly. It all came true, where the logic of the media was fulfilled. I almost want to say "good work" because there are many who are good at managing public relations and media, "said Ringdal.

He also pointed out that, although this may not be a collaboration between Borg and Discovery, both parties will still be satisfied with the situation.

– Both parties may be satisfied – and also those who are criticized. I think they are a bit giggling and that criticism is really desirable. "They only get more attention for this program," said Ringdal.

McBride told NRK that the Borg book project was his own.

– Are you stupid?

"Ringdal conspiracy theories are creative and fun, but with this he gives us more credit than we deserve. The PR work for books is what Henrik stands for, and it's natural that we comment on any criticism that appears in the media, McBride said, said they wished him luck with selling books.

Ex on the beach

DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEY HAVE GIVEN: Borg believes the participants were not informed of what they did in this program.

Photo: TVNorge

Means Borg's input is childish

Psychologist John Petter Fagerhaug has previously worked with participants in the reality series.

He explained Borg's accusations about psychological follow-ups that were a little "complaining" and "childish".

"Today's real-life participants must know what they report, so expect more psychological help and follow-up than what you get is a little childish. They must be responsible even for the choices they make," he said.

He believes it is more important before, when reality tv is something new, to increase participants about what is part of it.

"Now it's very common so participants are aware of the premise," Fagerhaug said.

Even Borg said that he would only warn participants of reality in the future.

"I don't really expect a psychologist to say such a thing, but I just want to play football here and make a debate around the theme," he said.

"When you look at the results of this program, I think some of those who register for this program know what they will do," he continued, aiming for hard parties and drinking culture during his stay.

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