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The NFF will investigate the Viking case after “big mistake” – VG

BITTER BREAK: Bjarne Berntsen finished at Viking after the season ended. Photo: Carina Johansen / NTB scanpix

There is a busy gathering activity at Vikings. What is the consequence of the noise around Bjarne Berntsen (63), still blue.

Espen Auberg, head of the Norwegian Football Association (NFF) ‘s legal section, confirmed to VG that they would be taking a closer look at the highly controversial lull between Viking and Berntsen.

– We’re taking the first round now for a week. Then we’ll ask the Vikings for an explanation. “Before, we wouldn’t be able to talk any more,” said Auberg.

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Rune Bertelsen, chairman of Viking FK’s board, admitted in an interview with Stavanger Aftenblad that he made a “grave mistake” of letting the US council handle the final negotiations with Berntsen.

Bertelsen, who heads Viking FK and thus boss Berntsen, has to take care of the negotiations as this is a football club and not a limited company that employs Viking players and coaches.

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– Negotiations with Berntsen are beyond our control. We recognize that when we sense conflict, we have to take action. And when Berntsen wants to extend with Viking after 2021, Viking FK should talk to him about it. When it came up as a topic, I wasn’t quite awake, Bertelsen told VG.

Instead, it was Thor Steinar Sandvik’s board chairman at US Viking who handled the dialogue with Berntsen, which ended in bitter schism and full-blown conflict on Thursday.

At the heart of the conflict between Berntsen and Viking AS is that the coach wants to continue as sports manager at the club for more than a year, while Sandvik only offers him a deal as sports manager until the 2021 season.

Initially, Berntsen had a deal as head coach until 2021.

On Tuesday, Bertelsen announced the FK Viking board meeting.

– We look forward to a dialogue with all parties involved as soon as possible. If we’ve been in breach of the rules we’d be happy to talk to those who work on such matters (NFF), but now we want to find out what Berntsen sees as the right way to go, and discuss what we’re doing here. the club completely. the picture is shorter and maybe even longer, Bertelsen said.

– What does it mean in plain text?

– This means that we have to establish good routines and descriptions of where the reporting responsibilities lie. We need to have good control over these things so we don’t end up in cases like this again. I think the Vikings will learn a lot from this. This will affect the operation for years to come.

– Could this end with you pulling out?

– It’s up to the Viking FK members to decide if I should go. Basically, it doesn’t matter if they want it, but I do have a desire to be allowed to clean.

– Could Berntsen still continue in Viking?

– I have no idea. But in that case, Viking FK must be involved in the process, at the same time we must talk together because the US is eyeing the money.

Thor board chairman Steinar Sandvik was distinctive and quiet when he spoke to VG on Tuesday right after 12 o’clock.

– We have to sit and talk for a bit. We can’t conclude that much. I can’t answer anything that makes sense now, said Sandvik, who said there had been heavy meeting activity since nine o’clock Tuesday morning.

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– We are influenced by the whole gang. “We have put the club in a difficult situation,” said Sandvik, who warned that there could be news on the night or Wednesday.

Bjarne Berntsen said on Tuesday that he is focused on Wednesday’s game against Brann. He stressed that he was related to “Viking as Viking”, and not whether he negotiated with FK or the US.

– Do you imagine that you can still continue on Viking if relevant?

– In.

– Bertelsen said that “only Berntsen can answer how we can give him the proper reparations”. What reparations do you think you deserve?

– I’m not demanding compensation. I’m done with this case. It is enough.

Berntsen agreed with Viking AS on a final deal which means he will leave the club one year before his contract expires. The contract stated that the parties could agree to another assignment before the 2021 season, but they did not agree to this.

Berntsen Bjarne assistants Lunde Aarsheim and Morten Jensen will take over as head coach at Viking from 2021.

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