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– Hi! I came here today because I want to give this one. I hope you change your mind when you have read.

Mona Anita Espedal published a report of around 30 pages to politicians from the town of Heidi Bjerga from SV.

It was Monday night and politicians at Sandnes had just gathered for a city council meeting. The first is after NRK Focal Documentary "A Sister's Match".

He was in the town hall with new dignity gained after thousands of people had contacted him with a support statement last week.

– Take off. It was very touching to see that so many cared about our goals, Mona smiled.

But this situation is new. He gave a report containing very personal information.

"It's not easy to spread about the worst things in my life.

Mona Anita Espedal met with city politicians

Frps group leaders Tore Andreas Haaland and Mona Anita Espedal.

Photo: Syed Ali Shahbaz Akhtar / NRK

Mona is one of 17 siblings in a large family in Sandnes who grew up giving birth. In the documentary he fights for the brothers to get resigned.

But the case itself against the municipality is also not over.

The Mona case was discussed by NRK last year. He initially did not accept rebirth while his brother received 1.3 million. The Municipality of Sandnes admitted that the two siblings should have moved from their homes before, but a specialist had determined that the brother had lasting maturity as a result of nurturing, while Mona did not.

The expert found that he had zero percent medical disability.

Now the new report concludes that this is not true. Mona has an eternal husband.

Response to confidentiality

After media talks about the case last year, politicians at Sandnes decided to offer Mona a moral gift of 725,000 kroner. He received money from the fact that he took the case to the municipality. A settlement was concluded.

Mona wants to go to court against her halting ex-husband. In this connection, he came to a trauma specialist at the Psychology Crisis Center in Bergen for the assessment of new experts.

New experts have considered that Mona had serious permanent injuries after childhood which implies the replacement of NOK 1.55 million according to standard rules.

Mona Anita Espedal

Mona Anita Espedal.

Photo: Thomas Ystrøm / NRK

After that, Mona's lawyer filed a new claim against the municipality of Sandnes. He thinks the city government must pay documented damage.

When the chairman handled the case on October 29, both NRK, Mona, or his lawyer were present.

This is the second time Mona appears in the hall to handle her own case.

Mona also did not see recommendations, council recommendations for politicians, before the meeting.

The reason the city government used is the Law on Public Administration article 13, about confidential personal information, and article 23 of the Law on Public Administration, about information that can exceed the financial position of the municipality. This is often used in connection with the ongoing bidding process.

Professor in Administrative Law at the University of Bergen, Jan Fridthjof Bernt, responds to confidentiality:

– The use of Public Law article 23 to close meetings is incorrect. I could not see any reason that would apply in such a case, he said.

The professor believes that it might be a good idea to close the meeting because there might be information about other people involved where the municipality has secrecy, but:

– This arrangement requires parties to see.

After the meeting, both attorney Mona and NRK had gained access to the statement. It's not open anymore. A settlement has been completed. The new report does not interfere.

Mona wants to thank half of what the new report concluded. Mona's lawyer responded to the process.

– Here Mona hasn't received any comments about the settings. As a result, he has not been able to explain his views on this issue before the political debate, and politicians have not been able to make a decision, said Svein Kjetil Lode Svendsen, lawyer.

He has now reported litigation against the municipality on behalf of Mona.

The reporter rejects criticism

Stanley Wirak

Mayor Stanley Wirak (AP) rejects criticism of the municipality.

Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB scanpix

"There is a request from Mona's new lawyer if we are willing to change the concluded settlement and make more money.

Mayor Stanley Wirak (AP) welcomed NRK at the city hall. He explained that from the point of view of the municipality of Sandnes, Mona and him then the attorney agreed to choose experts in the first place, and that the municipality thus supported the first report.

"The presidency is in accordance with the solutions we have made," he said.

"The new thing in this case is that there have been reports of new experts. Is there something that is considered a politician?
– Both parties agree on experts. These are experts used in the Jæren District Court. Then there will be new lawyers who slaughter assessments to experts and start new experts.

– But did you read the new report?
– We deal with a statement saying that it was a request from a new lawyer if we would reconsider. We have agreed with Mona and her lawyer. There is no basis for compensation, but we will still offer 725,000 kroner. The Presidency agrees that this is correct care.

– Does that mean you don't read the new report?
"I don't remember whether I read it or not, but we are dealing with experts who we agree with.

The reporter explained that he had read the new report, but he could not answer it before or after the presidency meeting.

Sandes City Hall

City Hall in Sandnes.

Photo: Thomas Ystrøm / NRK

– Have you made a full decision without reading the report?
– The presidency makes decisions that are fully responsible for the knowledge we have. Namely there is an expert report agreed upon by the parties.

Some politicians from the Presidency stressed that they had not read the report of new experts in the Mona case.

– Why did Mona not see the arrangement of the administration before?
– The recommendation from the district commissioner is that this case should be outside the public domain.

Wirak rejected criticism of the process.

"Sandnes can survive safely to handle this case," the reporter said.

He added:

"When I heard about this, I felt sorry for Mona. I suggested to other politicians that we could give Mona the same as small children who had been accepted into the old rehabilitation scheme. Everyone thought so.

– I sincerely thought about it for my childhood. I know that money doesn't fix everything, but we don't want him through a lawsuit that can end with him getting nothing. I think we agree.

"None of us thought this was a simple matter, but we had to have a normal processing case. And if the lawyer would take this, he was entitled to it. It was not said that we were cold or not hurt by Mona. We are fellow humans. But we cannot allow feelings to control us in this matter.

In a presidency meeting where Mona's claim was rejected, new cases of compensation for missing childhood were also taken. Someone was offered NOK 1.2 million after expert judgment.

It was one of the siblings' children in the big family of Mona. The Municipality of Sandnes has given three people rehabilitation for an increase in the same house. 1.3 million kroner. 1.2 million. And 725,000 kroner to Mona.

Mona Anita Espedal met with city politicians

Mona Anita Espedal meets politicians in the city council in Sandnes. Group leaders Thor Magne Seland and Tove Frantzen (closest, left) were raised.

Photo: Syed Ali Shahbaz Akhtar / NRK

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The Presidency's decision was unanimous, but Mona had not given up. That's why he was outside the town hall on Monday night and handled the expert report.

"I want politicians to see what they say no. And why I make new claims.

This report concluded that Mona had a complex post-traumatic stress disorder due to childhood.

– I want to provide a copy and I hope you read this report and review it.

Mona reports to the head of the Frps group Tore Andreas Haaland. Finally, several politicians gathered around him.

– You must be very proud of what you do.

Frps Wenche Meinich-Bache gave Mona and a long hug. Also, Deputy Leader of the Høyres Group Thor Magne Seland, MDG Erlend Kristensen and Tove Frantzen from Kiri will stand talking to Mona for a long time. Mona took tears.

– What is here is very personal. Because of that, it's painful to give it. It's not easy to expand my whole life.

Some politicians expressed admiration for the struggle that Mona took for herself and her brothers.

"You're crazy tough," said Frantzen.

"There is tremendous respect for the big things you lift," Seland said.

"The most important thing for me is that it is fair. At the moment I feel this is very unfair, Mona said.

During the conversation, some politicians promised to check the possibility of reopening the case to Mona. Both Meinich-Bache and Seland want to put pressure on the government to get a full review of all rehabilitation schemes for child welfare children at the national level.

Mona was happy to hear what the politicians said. And he was glad that some siblings had been given resignation. But he still wants the same treatment.

"I don't want other people to experience the same thing as me. I hope for justice for everyone. Also for my other brothers. I hope they won't stand up to that decision. Others have received compensation based on injury. I haven't. Need I know this.

See the documentary document Focal "A sister's match".


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