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The fourth question made the Liverpool manager curse

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Paris Saint-Germain – Liverpool 2-1

Liverpool's terrible away form in the Champions League continues. After the third consecutive defeat on the road, the big club is in trouble.

The British at that time had a big problem controlling stars like Neymar and Kylian Mbappé. In the final minute they drew four yellow cards. Jürgen Klopp didn't think about that.

– Extraordinary. The judges must be ready for a match like this.

See the whole event here:

Annoyed by Fjørtoft's question

Viasat Jan Åge Fjørtoft then asked the Liverpool coach's question about Neymar's behavior, which spent a lot of time in the field.

Then the Liverpool coach was fired.

– The problem is that your colleagues do the same thing. I say what I will say. All of you

"I didn't hear it," said Fjørtoft.

– You do the same thing. You want me to talk about Neymar, but you also see that match. Say what you want to say, take the microphone and talk to the camera. I am waiting to hear what you want to say, if you have enough balls to say that, Klopp said irritably.

"I think your opinion on this issue is worth a little more than the former Norwegian national hero.

– Absolutely not. My point of view means nothing. That is the view of the judge who did it, Klopp answered.

Jan Åge Fjørtoft himself called the stage for "final discussion" on Twitter.

A difficult starting point

The German player has good reason not to be satisfied with Liverpool's situation. Not only does the team have to win against Napoli at Anfield, if PSG does its job against the Red Stars in Serbia, they must win with at least two goals. The exception was in a 1-0 victory. Then Liverpool continued not Napoli because of several goals scored.

This is indeed the starting point known to Liverpool. It was also the status when the team won the tournament in 2005 when they had to beat Olympiakos with two goals. Among other things, the iconic goal by Steven Gerrard made the red color at that time.

Last year, Liverpool had a fantastic series in the Champions League, which ended in a final leap against Real Madrid.

Now it can be rumored in the group game.

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