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The city government rented a car for NOK 3.8 million last year

In 2018, the Oslo city government hired a 3.8 million NOK car. The city environmental agency (BYM) accounts for more than half of the bills, and spends NOK 2.1 million to rent cars.

With that, BYM is the largest rental car user in the city of Oslo.

In a letter from the Development and Competence Authority (UKE) to BYM, which was accessed by Dagsavisen, it was further stated that several cars used by the agency were fossils. In the letter, the Urban Environment Agency was encouraged to make better use of electric cars.

Animals in surgery

When the City Environment Agency moved its office to Hasle in 2015, they signed an agreement with Hertz Bilpool, a car sharing scheme called where the goal was to reduce the number of cars and become more environmentally friendly.

– In this connection we removed all parking spaces that were previously available to employees, said Roar Kværner, part manager at the City Environment Agency.

BYM spends more money on car rental than other agents in the city of Oslo. Kvaerner believes that employees in various BYM tasks in Cityscape are the cause.

– Some of the employee duties here are related to having to go out and follow up on road construction, construction projects, signaling systems, placement of signs, how the traffic flows and so on. By signing a car pool arrangement agreement, we get rid of the fees for private car parking, and reduce the payment of driving allowances, he said.

Dagsavisen has asked the agency whether the scheme of pool cars has reduced their costs, compared to owning a car. This has not been found by the agency.

– Options have many cars yourself. The contract that we made is not only a matter of price. The most important thing is the environmental concern that is applied to driving to and from working with private cars, as well as the use of environmentally friendly cars in the context of work, said Kværner.

At present, 255 of the nearly 900 employees at the City Environment Agency are linked to the scheme of pool cars with Hertz.

Too many gasoline cars

In the scheme of the car pool, most of the cars are electric cars, Kværner continued. However, in a letter from UKE, it appears that BYM has used six fossil cars, despite the fact that electric cars are used ideally.

– All of these cars are emergency vehicles connected to the Road and gate departments. The road and gate only use standby cars, but Hertz controls the car, said Kværner.

"We want to emphasize that there are seven people who are in emergency response schemes and who use the same car when they are guarded," he added.

Expensive bombardment

BYM rents from fossil cars running a run boom piled up a total of NOK 152,000 in the period May 2018 to March 2019.

– The letter stated that "UKE encourages BYM to use joint purchase agreements and electric cars in their purchases as much as possible". Do you want to take action to follow the UKE call?

– Yes we will. Our agreement with Hertz is an old agreement that will expire in one year, Kværner concluded.

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