Taman has been trying to pick him up since 2017


Sigrid is ready for Park 2019. Photo: Promo

The 2019 Parkenfestival program began to take shape.

From before, note that Madrugada will be found in the main scene in August 2019. Now six new artists will be released – four to Parkscena and two to the main scene.

Bodø Follow the gap continuously throughout the afternoon and evening. And at 18:00 the ticket will be released.


SIGRID has been in Park's circle since he was a debut artist with his full name Sigrid Raabe. And the fact is that we have tried to pick him up since he blew us out of town: Alarm in 2017, but it hasn't been successful before now. That said, it's okay, because instead of bringing in artists who will come in the initial hole, we will see beautiful world stars everywhere.

There are a lot of stairs for SIGRID next year, with great hopes for the debut album scheduled for February 2019.

SIGRID makes one of the few concerts in Norway and the only one in North Norway, under Parken 2019, so this will be an exclusive experience for all of us. He was also nominated for P3 Gold this year, but in this year's song category. He won new entrants this year under P3 gold last year, so the same categories as Myra and Real were nominated for this year.

SIGRID plays on the main stage Saturday 17 August.


September When reuniting and celebrating no less than 30 years since debut in 1989, and of course they played in Park 2019. Morten Abel left Bodø when he was fifteen, went to Stavanger, successfully starting MODS. From the ruins of MODS, we became one of the most successful bands in Norway for years, namely The September When. They released four albums that were critically acclaimed, giving big hits like "Bullet me" and "Crying like a baby" and sold out all the big clubs and rooms across the country.

Their last tour and playing at Bodø was in 2009, and then they played at Bodøhallen, now they are finally ready for Bodø and Park again. We can guarantee high motivated bands who are ready to show how great The September is when we really are and we believe that the higher the songs and goose skin factors.

September When playing in the main scene Saturday August 17.


Every now and then you experience dream landings, and with Gluecifer in place for Parken 2019, we can categorize this safely.

Reunited gluecifers have blocked every booking officer by respecting themselves since they peaked in 2004. Therefore, the excitement was extraordinary when they announced this year's exclusive reunion with selected festivals and club jobs.

Have we ever had a better live band in chess rock here on the mountain? No, we haven't!

A concert with Gluecifer is a broad lesson, highlighting rock & roll with one of the strongest rock vocalists up front. Gluecifer is a fist guarantor in the weather, frenzied every time and pur shakes.

Gluecifer ended Parkscena on Friday, August 16, and you will see the Gluecifer in Northern Norway in 2019, so this is the only way to do it!


Thomas Dybdahl has been a leading artist since he decided "… That was the Sound of October" in 2002 in Norway and has had a number of songs played on the radio, a big tour and a concert. Overseas he has been called the Norwegian answer to Nick Drake (NME), praised by Elvis Costello, compared to Bon Iver of the New York Times and has been profiled by the Los Angeles Times.

The New York Times said that "every song is uncertain when breath is taken" and the Washington Post considers it one of the best songs in the last ten years. He has released eight albums since his debut album in 2002, all of which have become critics' favorite lists. Dybdahl is also the front figure of the Norwegian super group The National Bank, which released two albums and played for full homes throughout the country.

Thomas Dybdahl played at Parkscena Saturday 17 August.


With a new nomination that is as striking as newcomers under P3 Gold, the Myra brand plays in Parken 2019!

With his whispering, rap, and funny lyrics, Myra has established itself as a strong name in Norwegian rap flora. It all starts when he will post it

The first song "Hold An" on SoundCloud, and Leo Ajkike's statement on social media that "Industry is sleeping but soon gets up".

This led to, among other things, Dagbladet and Bergens Tidende writing in-depth articles about him, and the city: Larry immediately secured him in his program.

Myra style is a sensual, close and delicious melody, with noble eyes in the eyes.

His voice has an inherent charm that alternates between charm and puts you in place. That he was assigned to sing the national anthem Berg "Nystemten" before Cecilia Brækhus entered the ring at Koengen in Bergen, telling a little about how quickly people had reached the eyes of 23 years old.

2018 has become a full year for Myra. He has, among other things, released the interesting single "Feel Myself", which was appreciated as this week's song on NRK P3, and the third single listed on the radio.

These songs can be said to be urban intersections, hip-hop and pop, and show an interesting new side of Myra, currently working on the next EP. This summer he has played a number of festivals, including Bergenfest, Cadet, Vinjerock, Skral and, not least, Øyafestivalen!

Myra opened Parkscena on Saturday 17 August.


With new nominations smoking as new entrants under P3 Gold, we can report Really Ready for the Park 2019!

Nobody is superior in the park than being allowed to join and build local artists. Really played the park for the first time in 2016 and a lot has happened since then.

They have played at major festivals like Pstereo, Slottsfjell, Trondheim Calling, cities: Alarms, and not a few, in August this year, they received the honor of opening the main stage at Øyafestivalen itself. The songs "Cecilie", "Korr we go", "Ballet dancers" and "Storbyangst" have also been listed on P3 and P13.

On August 31, they debuted with the critically acclaimed "Happiness in Life", an album focused on Dagbladet, Aftenposten and Avisa Nordland. They had finished their first night tour, were guests and played directly at Lindmo, and had just finished a school tour at Helgeland. And as I said yesterday, it became official that they were nominated as newcomers this year for P3 Gold next weekend.

We talked about a very promising band that is still on the castor and we are very excited about the road. Really playing at Parkscena Saturday 17 August.


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