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Strong reaction after a sports summit: – For a group of sweepstakes!

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Sheikh Ahmad al-Fahad al-Sabah (55) was on stage in Tokyo. He betrayed his innocence.

"I promise I'll see me soon," said the man with a typical ponytail.

Wednesday there is a meeting at ANOC, the organization of all national Olympic committees. As a single candidate, Sjeik Ahmad must be truly elected to the new presidential term, but with some serious allegations against him, he was forced to postpone the plan.

– Feiginger

The presidential election was postponed. Sheikh Ahmad triggered "temporary" to the side. That is a message from the podium.

Then he left the room. But some representatives agreed that he should not go aside at all.

"We have to stand up and fight attacks on one of the symbols of the Olympic movement," Iraqi representative Council Hammoudi said.

Then Sjeik Ahmad was called again. He stressed that the best decision was to delay the election.

The scenes cause a reaction. Some experts responded to the fact that Sjeik Ahmad did not face resistance from the Chamber.

– For a bunch of sweepstakes! There were no questions about serious allegations against their leader, leading journalist Jens Weinreich reported nervousness.

"A fader", describing the Reuters news agency.

Tom Tvedt breaks the silence: wants a new period as the sport president

One of the strongest

Sheikh Ahmad has been one of the most powerful sports in the world for several years.

He has been described as "The King Maker".

From the role in the scene he has a long time in the game when some of the most important decisions are made.

For example, he should be the center when Thomas Bach won the struggle for the presidency of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

But now it's raging. Sheikh Ahmad has several charges against him and is fighting for the life of his sports policy.

The battle began when he appeared in court documents from New York last year.

His name was not in the document, but other information identified him as one of them, Richard Lai's top football explained that he had been bullied.

After that, it didn't take long before he retired from international football.

But now he is also accused of falsifying videos as part of a plan against two members of the government in Kuwait. This case is being investigated by Swiss police.

Answer Sports Association

He refused all charges, but last week he retired from his IOC office. And now he is also forced to resign from his position as president of the ANOC.

The way it happens, therefore, has caused a reaction.

"It seems that the Western world is putting policies ahead of principle, writes Nick Butler, sports comments on ARD.

– Where are the voices from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, Switzerland? ask Jens Weinreich.

According to some journalists who attended the meeting, Alfred Emmanuel from the small island of Saint Lucia was the only one who asked a critical question about Sheikh Ahmad.

Sports president Tom Tvedt and head of the NIF international department, Magnus Sverdrup, were in Tokyo.

They explained that the reason they did not intervene was that they considered the decision by Sajeik Ahmad to override – "regardless of the state's efforts in the statement of support" during Wednesday's meeting.

– From Norway, people will certainly be challenged if needed to elect their presidential candidates. However, this does not apply, Norwegian sports games wrote in a statement to Aftenposten.

– Strange attitude

However, they stated that they experienced the meeting as "special".

In the statement they wrote that Sjeik Ahmad was first confirmed to the assembly that he would step aside before leaving the room. Then the ANOC election commission confirmed the selection of Sjeik Ahmad to step down as presidential candidate.

But then, "a discussion began where several countries said that Sheikh Ahmad must be elected president."

– From the Norwegian side this feels like a strange sight, writing the peak of NIF.

Furthermore, they described the re-election commission notifying Sheikh Ahmad's decision to turn away and they asked him to confirm this to the assembly.

"After the lunch break, Sjeik Ahmad returned and confirmed that he had not made a choice," said the Norwegian delegation.

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