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Sold 35,000 liters of beer at Granåsen

Mattress updated.

Sunday morning he was tired, hoarse but very happy.

– I saw that Dagbladet gave a six throw dice, Adresseavisen threw five dice. I thought I would give five good ones. This is quite equivalent to Bruce Springsteen's concert for me, said Vanebo.

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– What's your main event?

– I don't see everything, and I move a little. But "Enter Sandman" is a song that everyone can. And that they have to sing "Fall in love with the teacher", I don't see it. It's amazing to hear almost 40,000 sing together. I thought everyone was surprised and joked a little when this came, said Vanebo.

Stein Vanebo believed Metallica had been sent to five good ones at Granåsen. This picture is from Trondheim Rocks. Photo: Christine Schefte

Beer trouble

On the Trondheim Concerts Facebook page, most people are grateful for the great concert experience, and Vanebo has also received a lot of good feedback. But there were also complaints in the queue: Queues to get on the bus, buy beer, go to the toilet and go home.

– When there are 40,000 people going to concerts, there may be several queues, said Vanebo.

However, he admitted that they had a beer problem.

– During that period more than 40 minutes of beer, it was between Ghost and Metallica. Then we have technical problems in one beer car, the air enters the system, and then it takes longer to drain the beer. We are sorry, but there is nothing we can do there and then. This was resolved until Metallica got on stage, said Vanebo.

Even so, 35,000 liters of beer are sold at Granåsen, in addition to wine, liquor, and mineral water.

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Can't do anything about light

– What about Doc?

– We have very many toilets to the forest in the northeast, and here there is never a queue. But maybe people don't find this, said Vanebo.

– Some people think it's too fancy for a concert like that in the middle of summer in Trondheim?

– To them I just need to say, we live in Trondheim, that's how it is. This is actually not something we can do. Light and weather, we must accept. We are happy to come to Trondheim, said Vanebo.

The Granåsen factory is vacated in one hour 40 minutes. 99 shuttle buses transport 27,000 people back to the city.

– It took 20 minutes longer to clean the facility than at the Robbie concert. But then there were 4000 fewer. I don't think we can clean up faster than this, said Vanebo.

He received in the evening messages from the nightlife in the city to thank the guests. For parties to continue in the city.

– The police are happy, and that is important to us. I am very happy that everything is going well. It should be safe and good to go to concerts, said Vanebo.

Very nice atmosphere, and for excellent weather during a concert in Granåsen. Photo: Michael Schult Ulriksen

The police are happy

At 1:00 a.m. Saturday night, the police in Trøndelag stated that the event at Granåsen was finished well. This is thanks to collaboration, planning, and implementation that has become part of professionals and volunteers.

It was the operational leader of Solfrid Lægdheim who sent a message on Twitter about this, after speaking with the responsible police on the spot, Roger Mogstad.

– Everything works well and the players work well together. That there were some events as expected when there were so many people gathered, said Lægdheim.

In total, the police registered 19 problems, including carrying and notifying them due to poisoning, drug possession, violence and illegal ticket sales.

The man who sold the illegal ticket lost it and was expelled from that place. Clearly from police records, police chief investigator Hilde Gustafson informed on receipt of a joint criminal case (FSI) in the police district.

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Violent incident

Early Sunday two men sat in police custody due to two episodes of violence, said police officer Arve Vagnild. One person, just under 20 years old, was reported to the police in connection with the event.

– Initially, this applies rather reliably, but when the police contacted him, it went in the wrong direction, said the guard leader and stated that the case involved violence against officials.

Another arrested man should have attacked another man in the fall at Granåsen.

– A man should be beaten on his face. This means that for a short time he was unconscious. After receiving witness observations, we were arrested by a man in his 40s because of this, said Vagnild.

The police must now contact the victim and get his version of what happened. Both men in prison must be examined on Sunday.

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