Smaalenenes Avis – You have to know this if you will be huddled in the tax register


The first tax slip at Ringerikes Blad will be issued as soon as the tax search opens at 07.00 on Wednesday.

In the Tax Administration that you apply here, but the service is now closed and will only be open on Wednesday mornings.

It should be borne in mind that the tax rate does not indicate real wages or market value of wealth but net income (ordinary income) after deducting, but before a special reduction and net assets (tax assets), and taxes are set.

Please note that these numbers are not necessarily final. For example, numbers can be changed, among other things, as a result of complaints about the determination.

The new rules for gossip are like sneakers

The disadvantage to many in the tax list is the new rule for Storting search which was introduced in 2014. All searches are recorded and you can check who has submitted an application for you.

After you enter to submit a tax register on, your name, year of birth, postal code and postal address will be visible to all that you have submitted.

You must be 16 years to register for tax.

Lists that have searched for and seen your information updated once every hour. You can view tax register information for up to 500 people per calendar month. There is a difference between search and impressions.

When you are looking for someone, you will get a popular list of people who match your search information.

Only when you click someone to view tax information, it is counted as a display, writing

If you click on the name but get nothing, you have used 500 of your impressions. You can still search, but it won't display tax information. The new 1 month will reset the number of views. When you have 50 or less views left, it will be notified on the screen.

As the tab below shows, it's the "Search Statistics" tab that gives the people you've searched for the insights you've just searched for.

We sneaked less than before

The tax authorities have previously reported interest in disclosing information about the wealth and income of others.

"The search number was reduced to one-tenth, the number of applicants was almost half and people were no longer interested in checking who had seen their tax rates," said Mariken Holter, director of communications, before publishing in 2016.

Tax search is not long

Since 2011, Storting has decided that online newspapers can no longer offer tax returns. However, it is still permissible for journalism based on search in the list.

The purpose, among others, is to avoid using information commercially. You will still find a list of taxes from previous years in online newspapers and so on, as long as the media does not delete the information itself. The quality of this list will certainly get worse as they get older.

Who is on the tax register?

The tax list contains information about people and impersonal taxpayers who have received tax settlement. "Personal taxpayers" means limited companies etc., Write

It is impossible to defend yourself from standing in the tax register. This applies to both tax lists posted on and a list of taxes distributed to the press.

Tax register for personal taxpayers does not contain:

  • Information about people with blocked addresses (given in accordance with the Public Registration Act)
  • Information about people where the information contained can show client relationships
  • Information about people aged 17 years or younger at the beginning of the year of income for people without information on permanent residence in people who have died

Changes in city information for taxpayers

Taxable people were previously registered in one municipality in the tax register, while this year there will be more municipalities in some individuals. This is because someone might have taxed more municipalities in the year of income.

Taxpayers will load which cities they are taxed this year, without orders between these municipalities which always show tax relations.

The taxpayers are in for one year from publication in connection with tax settlement. This list is usually updated four times a year.


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