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Romerikes Blad – Won «Should we dance»: – Now I will prioritize family

(Nettavisen): After 101 days of dancing, 12 broadcasts and a thrilling final with three dancers, finally Andreas Wahl and dance partner Mai Mentzoni from Fetsund fled with their 2020 “Skal vi danse” win.

– Everything we’ve been through, everything we’ve given up and gave up to make it happen. “Everything we’ve talked about, everything we’ve worked on is what comes to my head right now,” Wahl told Nettavisen.

From the start, Andreas Wahl has been a huge favorite with the audience, something he proved once again on Saturday night.

Judging by the judges’ scores, it was Nate Kahungu who thought she had been the best dancer in this year’s “Skal vi danse”, and gave her the highest score in the final. The audience, however, has a very different meaning, and only chooses the favorite Wahl to the top.

– The jury is more professional than at home. I thought Nate and Helene were totally raw. Without a doubt tonight with only a dozen judges. “I am absolutely confident that we will see more of both,” Wahl told Nettavisen and added that it was a good feeling that the people in the house he chose were nonetheless.

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Glad to be home

Although Wahl had expressed great excitement several times while participating in the “Skal vi danse”, something that was also the roar described in the finals, the joy that it all ended was also great.

Speaking to TV 2 earlier this week, Wahl was able to admit that it was difficult at home through the “Shall we dance” participation. She was also able to tell Nettavisen that her partner had been having a pretty “go-to” dance competition because she was out so often.

– It would be nice spending time with family again. I’ve hardly seen them since “Skal vi danse” started, she told Nettavisen, adding that she won’t continue dancing for a while.

On Saturday night, he also greeted the family and emphasized several times that he couldn’t wait to get home to them.

– I often go. “I’ve prioritized dancing, and now I’m perfectly prepared to prioritize being at home,” he told Nettavisen.

THE VICTORY DANCE: Andreas Wahl and Mai Mentzoni Dance Show convinced everyone with their dance show for

THE VICTORY DANCE: Andreas Wahl and Mai Mentzoni Dance Show convince everyone with their dance performance to “Wish you had a place” from Cezinando. Photo: Espen Solli (TV 2)

Lost twice

There are some “Skal vi danse” participants who can drop out of the competition and say they’ve been through everything. Even broke up twice.

Earlier this season, Nate Kahungu and Helene Spilling were knocked out of the competition in a duel against Michael Andreassen. Due to sound problems on the channel, they got another chance, which proved to be very meaningful to the couple.

With that, criticism has also been leveled against the dancer pair in recent weeks, with some, among others, thinking that Kahungu was not a full-fledged finalist after quitting. However, that didn’t let Kahungu and Spilling go beyond the motivation and excitement of dancing.

– I felt a little bit about it when we walked in again, if that’s true, and what the other competitors actually thought about it. “But then I think Nate deserved the opportunity, and when you look at what we have given after that it just goes to show that it is true that we have to go in again,” Spilling told Nettavisen earlier this week.

ARGENTINE TANGO: Nate Kahungu and Helene Spilling from Gjerdrum performed the Argentine tango as their first dance.  Photo: Espen Solli (TV 2)

ARGENTINE TANGO: Nate Kahungu and Helene Spilling from Gjerdrum performed the Argentine tango as their first dance. Photo: Espen Solli (TV 2)

Get support from competitors

The last competitor Andreas Wahl also came out earlier this week to support Nate Kahungu. In an interview with Nettavisen, Wahl believes that the criticism is based on a conspiracy theory.

– In all situations where many care, very open to conspiracy theories. And a lot of people care about “Should we dance”. There were so many things like that, that someone was liked, that the judges had favorites, everything was like that. You really want to be looking for a different connection than the one that’s actually there. And this is one of those theories, Wahl told Nettavisen.

Towards the final round, the two finalists looked very excited towards the final.

– I am very nervous, but feel that now we have done what we can. So now only hope for the best, Kahungu told Nettavisen before the broadcast of the big finals started.

Wahl, for his part, stated that his nerves were under control.

– I really want to dance as if it’s the last thing I do, I also hope it’s pretty good, he told Nettavisen.

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