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I always thought there was something magical about the Japanese Resident Evil zombie series. Maybe it's still the strong impression of the first game I made as a child who is left behind. Or maybe the general features of this series with old legends and myths.

All the main characters, at first, are completely unacceptable. They have names that don't make sense like Leon S. Kennedy, each one or two personality traits (maximum two and a half), related to some clothes that are very easy to remember and ultimately invincible. For example, Claire Redfield wears a red leather jacket, has hair ponytails and is looking for her brother. The fact that he is looking for his brother is his entire personality throughout the series.

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These gods were involved in a series of loosely coherent stories, there were 25 games and 10 films without even including comics and something strange. Most stories are found in several versions with conflicting details that scholars refute. You might know enthusiastic Resident Evil fans who think they have a complete picture. They lie. No one, and I really don't mean it, has a complete picture of Resident Evil.

All of these stories are also told in strange languages ​​that can only arise from taking two Japanese programmers who enter the instruction manual serial number when asking what books they read and locking them into the room to write zombie films. Hollywood style. Before sending the results to the cheapest Japanese / English translator, you can enter. "Jill, this is the key. Maybe a little like the strange language of the holy text, right?

There is no clear solution

Unless you play the original Resident Evil 2 when it came to PlayStation in 1998 so you can memorize it many times, there are no jokes to skip. At least compared to modern games. Because this is horror, and the possibilities will be bad, your figure always moves in the direction you turn when you push up. What is called "tank control". To be able to devote as much power as possible to blood and intestines and mood, and to maximum claustrophobia, the camera angle for each site is also locked.

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Enemies in this game are many, survive a lot, hurt a lot. And you're lucky when you find a box of ammunition or a known series of potted green plants. If that is not enough to get from A to B in this condition, the game takes place in a labyrinth full of types of puzzles that really demand most game makers have been doing for the past 15 years. Maybe because most of us, if we are stuck scratching our little free time, will only do a quick Google search on mobile.

When the creator of Resident Evil Shinji Mikami made the new version of Resident Evil first in 2002, he had a task that was far more clear than Capcom with the latest version of Resident Evil 2. This classic "survival horror" drew his last breath but maybe this only made it possible to play definitive game in the genre. And, if you ask me and maybe many others, one of the best games of all time.

Since then, Resident Evil and other horror genres, with some exceptions especially in recent years, have become more accessible and focused on action. Starting with Resident Evil 4, the camera has been placed just behind the shoulder of the main character with Resident Evil 7 as the only exception. When stress lies on whether someone has managed to stay calm to shoot accurately while more zombies are running towards you. What does it mean to modernize Resident Evil 2 in 2019? Does that mean you make it an action game? Or, like Resident Evil 7, is the horror game the first person somewhere between Amnesia and the F.E.A.R game that is ridiculous?

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A successful nostalgic bomb

Capcom's solution is amazingly simple and efficient. Just putting Leon and Claire's heroes in the narrow corridors of the police station or ditches from the original Resident Evil 2 with cameras tied to the shoulders like Resident Evil 4 makes them feel a little more awkward to control than we usually do. At the same time, they have made zombies stronger than before. You can quickly empty the magazine on one of the heads, without bouncing too much before falling to the ground. However they will take your calves and take a lot of health when you try to pass them.

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You also don't have ammunition or time to fight them. They rarely come alone and some of them can fold you together. Now they also follow you up and down the stairs. They can even enter a new room, you can hear them knocking before the wood breaks. Surprise comes in addition: From the blind, listeners who listen with the visible brain that come after you are faster than you can if you have let the weapon be heard by eternal tyrants, or Mr. X, which, just like in the original game, follows you regularly around the game map. The latter has never been more sinister. His quiet steps bring you back to childhood when you knew you had done something real, very wrong.

Capcom also dared to make Resident Evil 2 an ancient battle maze. In other words, this is very different from the previous effort in the style of returning to roots, such as Resident Evil: Revelations, by the fact that the enemy actually broke a little. And find out that you are truly lost. As in the original game, the police station where many games are arranged is a small open world. There are always several directions to go, but you are finally stopped by locked doors and the like. Next, you come by exploring their environment and seeing connections. Someone might see a statue with open arms before. Maybe it's a trick to put a stick with a gem that you just found there?

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Don't get me wrong. Resident Evil 2 is a modern game that is very accessible and has never been frustrating. Even though, at first, I was always on the verge of death, I could count on one side how many times I really got Game Over. There are also talks about very simple puzzles all the time, if they can even be called as many puzzles. I almost never wondered where to go or what to do to continue.

This game is also very good all the time. When you find a key object, there are often shortcuts nearby that take you right to where you are supposed to use it. Unlike the original version, you also have a very detailed map that tells you if you find all interests in each room. You can also see which items you have found, but you don't have space in your backpack. And there is a small icon of interest such as a statue with open arms.

But, without being half as brutal as the 1998 game, you will experience a little of everything that makes Resident Evil 2 a lot of fun. Like when, almost empty of health and with only three bullets in a revolver, you must pass through a long corridor of zombies to retrieve the key object that you left behind. And the Tyrant is suddenly behind you. How to slowly but surely learn different police stations and rooms. Or when, for once, you are killed and you even have to play quite a lot on standard difficulties with unlimited automatic storage. So if you think you have nothing to lose. If the new version of Resident Evil 2 is far from how Resident Evil 2 actually was in 1998, it might be as we remember after being spoiled by modern games.

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Two stories in one

Like most Japanese action games, the Resident Evil series always emphasizes sports and technique. The same is true for the series before Resident Evil 4 as after. An example is how in this game someone quickly switches from trying to get zombies on the ground so people prefer to shoot them to stay a little before one wind passes. Or how to stay on a long balcony can fool all zombies to tell you before you turn right at the last minute and walk around them. Strategic gunpowder and herbal collections can make you mix what you need when you need it. And actually paying to spend extra time nailing the back window. In addition, you become more efficient when you know the map.

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You may not pay attention to how much you have learned before playing it for the second time, because the original version is intended to trace history with the two main characters. In the original drama, both the story of Leon and Claire are changed by whom you play as the first. One can also affect other rounds in various small ways. For example, it is a weapon where one must choose between getting a bigger backpack or an automatic weapon. In the second round, as the other figure must take what is left. Capcom has made it much easier in the new version.

Both Leon and Claire each have their own stories in their own order. There are also a few small parts of the game that are exclusive to each character, including a short sequence where you play as characters besides Leon and Claire. In addition, there are several variations that depend on whether this is the first or second time you play. Just as you play Claire or Leon you will first, for example, enter the police station in another way with the other characters you play and thus explore and solve puzzles in slightly different sequences.

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In short, all content is seen by playing as numbers and then other in any order. It's not like that in the original game where you have to see new things depending on the order. What you did in the first round did not affect, as I noticed, what happened in the other round.

This is just a normal change. The new version of Resident Evil 2 is a game that is much simpler and moreover before you master it. I began to realize that it wasn't too gripping anymore towards the end of my other 5 hours of review. (With the first number I need a little more than 7.) So it's very easy not to play more to see everything.

Small ways that can influence other reviews are also quite unique and fun in 1998. Today, it might feel annoying and meaningless after all the games that have come because where you can control the story more drastically.

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Quite clear

Alexander's top 3

1. Resident Evil (2002)

The original Resident Evil is basically a great game. With a new generation of engine power and several years to take ideas, Shinji Mikami made great works. This is a perfect mix, intense, action and puzzle atmosphere filled with one horror bigger than the other. There is no limit to what you find under Spencer's house, from zombie sharks to giant hoses. It sounds a little rough, but the design of the path and how all the puzzles are tied together gives me the same sense of logical beauty by thinking of Immanuel Kant's Criticism of Reasonable Reason or Einstein's theory of relativity.

2. Resident Evil 4 (2005)

The entire PlayStation 3 / Xbox 360 generation action game can be concluded as a Resident Evil 4. clone. It's not random. This game is just as entertaining as it has a high pole and space for variety. Resident Evil 4 successfully continued to update and surprise during the last 15 hours. That it was a reunion with Leon S. Kennedy and Ada Wong and it was arranged in an unusual environment like the Spanish countryside came in addition. This game is so good that you can easily switch to the first and second positions.

3. Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (1999)

Resident Evil 2 is probably the best Resident Evil game in the 90s, but it is not as good as Resident Evil 3. Many of the most unique of Resident Evil 2, which are constantly changing characters, have come under the shadow of what comes from the game the next game. After the police station, Resident Evil 2 also excels with anonymous sewers and laboratories. Much more by Resident Evil 3 is still impressive. It is set in Raccoon City, which is almost open and allows you to play most of the order you want with stories that change according to how you play. While being pursued by a frightening Nemesis. This is also one of the best and most complicated games of his generation with a dark, noir-like metropolis full of neon lights and Jill Valentine's hero in a little crazy, but also some stylish clothes that make it look as if he came right from the catwalk in the 90s . Maybe Nemesis might have the most absurd puzzle in this series.

If the new version has managed to capture how it feels to play Resident Evil 2 for a modern audience, people are not careful about the details. Roughly speaking, this is the same story, with most people remembering from preserved games and many sites that are carefully reproduced. Even so, there are many new things and many are missing. Anyone who has played the original often may lose something, monsters or intermediate sequences for example. It was rather fun to hang, but something I remember very well from the original game was that on the iron staircase outside the room on the right side of the police station, not far from where the helicopter fell, unusual music was played. It was very creepy and mysterious, as far as I know there was no reason for that besides it was strange. In the original version, the ladder was remade, but without a special soundtrack.

The biggest breakthrough with its predecessor lies in the tone. Resident Evil 2 is actually the first game directed by Hideki Kamiya. Then, along with Platinum Games, he will be known for his colorful, crazy, unpretentious game with usually deep technical actions. Among other things, Bayonetta and Okami. Hasty Kamiya – it's very easy to start a fight on Twitter if you wake up one night during lunch time in Japan – it should be gone. Resident Evil-created Shinji Mikami with great nervousness so he retired from the project. . Even though Kamiya was young at that time, and had more restrictions than what he currently had, it still had a distinctive character in its style.

The original Resident Evil 2 still has the most colorful and humorous expressions in a series of bright police stations with destroyed TV studios, interrogation rooms with criminals, a library of secret passageways and Claire's pink clothes. It's also full of crazy humor and funny details, like the stairs with the weird music I mentioned. For example, the fact that police stations are full of unreasonable video games is explained by the fact that police chiefs are obsessed with puzzles and drive their employees crazy by spending their budgets to make something strange. Resident Evil 2 is also very familiar with the spectacular and action-packed side of the series that has existed since taking the first rocket launcher in the first game. One of the things I remember the most is the beginning of the game when you ran through the City of Raccoons that burned with several zombies on the screen at the same time as we have seen before on a home console.

The new version of Resident Evil 2 has followed in the footsteps of Resident Evil 7. It is painted, simple with an almost photorealistic visual style. In short, this is the wrong starting point to capture the distinctive character of Resident Evil 2. This time, all the puzzles are almost immediately explained by the fact that the police station was only an art museum before. This drive is also much more colorful and the action sequence is restrained. Instead, Capcom has created the best artificial intelligence for zombies that I have experienced, and realistic, detailed damage models. The only other game I've seen in the gut like this in this game is Resident Evil 7. You can also hear friction on the skin when the Tyrant chases you. And zombie screaming has never been more convincing. Even the dialogue … is well written. Capcom was only looking for something very different from what Kamiya did in 1998.

One simple acknowledgment, modern Capcom has been recognized according to its original vision. For me it happened about half the story with Leon and it made me laugh out loud. I will not ruin this moment, but you will know what it was when it happened. For a few minutes, the madness we have learned to connect with Hideki Kamiya is truly on the wind in a truly solemn horror game.


While Shinji Mikami, with the new version of the first Resident Evil, reinvented his own game in the same style, this time a new generation of developers is responsible for the sequel in a completely different game environment. The result is a modern horror party with intense appeal that managed to recreate what made Resident Evil 2 very enjoyable in 1998. I don't think you should cheat on this achievement, though maybe Capcom investors have something to open a bottle of champagne for.

By trying to hack into so many different audiences, the game will hardly satisfy anyone completely. Old Resident Evil fans might find it too easy and unreliable for the original. New players will admire the logic of the 90s because you spend so much time searching for keys to unlock doors properly when you have a backpack filled with rocket launchers and giant cracks that can be used to blow them up from hinges. Or why something you put in a coffin at a storage point will also be found in a coffin at a storage point elsewhere.

But anyway, everyone might have fun. How careful are the many zombies, gossip and mud to get money? Capcom, as usual, is mostly used to make the night market delivered for all money. Have you loved Resident Evil for a long time, are curious about what happened, or pounded everything related to zombies, you get everything you need here. At least until the next Resident Evil game is ready. So I hope Capcom builds this game formula. With more free control, maybe they come a little closer to their heyday.

Resident Evil 2 is available for PlayStation 4 (tested), Xbox One and Windows starting January 25.


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