Review: "Christmas at ActionFrank" – The best thing about Frank Løkes's new song is that he doesn't sing himself


SONG / MUSIC: Publishing songs is definitely a new company game. Of course, we can choose to hear it, but it really becomes one symptoms. And that's obviously annoying to the curiosity of many people, because streaming numbers jump every time.

"Summer Body"

There are no new things people do that they can't do. This year we don't need to go further than former soccer player Mads Hansens "Summer Body»From this summer. It's not much worse than the Postgiro-built hit average, but since then it just got very bad. And now it's no longer fun.

Linni Meister

For now, Christmas songs are coming. "Now Christmas?" with four Youtube stars who called The Splays earlier this month, and then, perhaps, Erik Follestad hockey players and glamor models, etc. Linni Meister also gave up "Christmas Story" along with Mads Hansen. And that's the song, Christmas story. But that is not enough, now come Frank Løke with Christmas songs.

Not singing

That is, he doesn't sing one time. This is probably the best of this song – even if I have heard a vocalist worse than Løke when he released the song "ActionFrank" in September. about participation "Should we dance".

It becomes a little strange to put his name on a song when someone else is singing. But – he's in a choir (hole) and he's in a dirty video that follows that song «Christmas at ActionFrank».


The saddle was relatively simple: The sad and lonely Frank action sat on the couch, but then Santa and the boys came. Out of the gift box, Nisse also attracts three party girls, and then it will be a real party. Simple recipes for the feeling of bathing, and maybe it's a joke of all. Here there is one in the dice which is the goal, I guess. How far can we stretch it too

«Ex on the Beach»

Three noses, which also seem to "sing" and choir, are "Ex on the Beach" – "stars" Helene Hima, Marielle Kvernaas Efford and Martine Stol from this season while she truly singing for what we experience is a participant in another reality show. But at least he can sing!

JUKS ONLY: It seems like they are singing, but no one has the main vocals. Photos from videos for
IT IS JUST: It seems like they are singing, but no one has the main vocals. Photos from the video for "Christmas at ActionFrank"
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Very bad

What is common to all of these songs is that the music is apparently made of machines and that the lyrics are very bad. Or what do you think about this funny: "Does anyone want bread sausage / that is more than enough for everyone" or "Now Christmas in ActionFrank / chef is full and the brain is empty (…) You get a body in a pose / delicious and slim" or short and precise stories "Now, can we have a drink?". And – you must know that Frank rises above dank and pig banks.

The producers behind this doubt are Ole Jørgen Troøyen and Jon Even Kruger Skogen. Forget the names as soon as possible, because here there are no mitigating circumstances. The song ends with a long rap and is not happy.

Do not start this to remain a little embarrassing and young, Frank Løke?

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