Råtassen The Ford Ranger Raptor has received Norwegian prices


Now the price for the Raptor Rota Raptor Ford Ranger is finally complete. The importer states that it has a unique and full-featured Performance version for $ 634,000.

– Ranger Raptor represents a unique combination of extreme performance and exceptional accessibility. By default, you will also arrive here with you only about everything you can imagine. This is a pickup for fans who want something truly extraordinary, said sales manager for utility vehicles at Ford Motor Norway, Johnny Løvli.

Now Ford is open to order a Performance Pickup. The first cars will be in Norway before the summer of next year.

"Because we confirm that the new Ranger Raptor is ready for Europe, many of our dealers have reported great interest in this unique pickup. Therefore we are pleased that now it can be ordered, said Løvli in the message.

The first offroad factory performance pickup built in Europe is equipped with a 2-liter Ford biturbo EcoBlue diesel engine, which produces 213 horsepower and 500 Nm of torque. Cancer is distributed lightly and efficiently through Ford's new 10-speed automatic transmission.

This chassis was designed by Ford Performance to hold all who drive on steep terrain which can cause super pickups.

The track width increases by 150 mm and is 178 mm wide compared to the ordinary Ranger.

The protective plate, which is on an ordinary Ranger is 1.4 mm, has been strengthened and has now become 2.3 mm in high strength steel, which prevents the rail from causing damage while driving on the terrain.

The new Ranger Raptor Medan Management System allows drivers to choose from six driving modes that automatically optimize pickup for various driving challenges: Normal, Sports, Grass / Gravel / Snow, Mud / Sand or Stone. Also Steel mode, named after the famous Steel Desert Rally.

"The very unique thing about the Raptor Ranger is that it doesn't matter how hard the pressure is, the driving skills are amazing. At the same time, you get all the really good features that have made Ranger the best-selling pickup in Europe. extraordinary pickup, "Løvli said.


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