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PSG beat Liverpool in the Champions League – Klopp was banned on Fjørtoft after PSG's victory: – Have enough balls to say it yourself

  • Paris Saint-Germain – Liverpool 2-1 (2-1)

PSG were able to get a chance to sit in a broken cup match Wednesday but hit Liverpool's third defeat in the championship league and climbed to second place.

Now Jürgen Klopp's people are the worst lie before three big clubs will duel to move.

After a strong first round, the Parisians were enough to move away from the Liverpool team who tried but failed to create a great opportunity after the break.

Thus, PSG won an appropriate victory.

– The key is in midfield. PSG has players who can create imbalances and pass. For Liverpool, it becomes very static and predictable, "said Viasat expert Rune Bratseth.

Liverpool only have shots on goal in all settlements; James Milner's penalty kick in the first half of the match.

"There is something strange about the Liverpool attack," said Ronny Share.

What made a lot of attention after the match was the behavior of PSG players in the field. Jamie Carragher believes PSG must flaue about how they behave.

– They have to flau. I did not understand how they could talk to his wife, boyfriend and children after that. The only time you see children is in the nursery, "said Jamu expert Carragher from Viasat.

Forbanna Klopp

BASICS: Neymar interferes with opponents and Klopp, but scores important goals. Photo: Scanpix NTB
decide: Neymar annoys opponents and Klopp, but scores important goals. Photo: Scanpix NTB
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After the match, Jürgen Klopp was very dissatisfied, both with the referee's efforts and questions for Viasat Jan Åge Fjørtoft reporters.

The German manager means Verratti should have been eliminated midway through the first half of hard-tackling Joe Gomez and also reacted strongly to many yellow cards at the end of the match.

"The referee is not ready to judge the match at this level," Klopp concluded.

When Fjørtoft tried to ask follow-up questions about Neymar and a lot of excessive PSG and regular shooting, it was boiled to Klopp. He told Fjørtoft to think about it first and was tired of being asked the same questions the other Viasat reporters asked.

– Say what you want to say. You see the game itself. You can have enough balls to say it yourself, Klopp said to Fjørtoft before the former Norwegian national team was asked a new question.


PSG came out and went berserk with Liverpool from the start. Last season's finalists were unbeaten in the Premier League this season, but came to the Parc des Princes with a score of 0-5 in a Champions League defeat.

Given by Marco Verratti, Neymar and Mbappé, PSG seemed to have the chance to put Allisson ahead after 13 minutes, when Mbappé made it past on the left side. Virgil van Dijk had the chance to sweep the post, but the permission went straight to Bernat, who slid in the goal and scored for a passive opponent.

While a teammate stood up, Joe Gomez almost reached the finish line, but he changed the direction of the shot and made the task impossible for Alisson.

Neymar and Mbappe were long unsure of Wednesday's match after returning home from national team orders last week, but they were both extraordinary when PSG continued to beat the Liverpool defense in first place. 37 minutes into the match, Brazil began to finish a 2-0 lead.

Neymar takes the ball deep in half by himself and launches one of the many fast contractions. He often plays Mbappé on the left side. Pos Alisson was cleared right in front of Edinson Cavani's tip, but no longer than Neymar, who ended in the 70th minute.

New excitement

Liverpool were in big trouble but got a lifeline in the first place. Sadio Mané stormed after a racing ball, and Angel Di Maria threw himself in an effort to overcome. Only in the left corner of the 16 meters did he hit the foot of the Liverpool player, and with the help of the assistants, Szymon Marciniak punished a penalty.

James Milner created new excitement with the reduction of overtime in the round.

Liverpool are much better in round 2, but PSG is still the closest to scoring. Alisson gave a superb lead when Marquinhos nodded into a corner, while Neymar was likely thrown to the penalty spot ten minutes before the end of the match.

Napoli win

Wednesday's match appeared for a dramatic round in December, and now the Klopp team has a straightforward winning squad.

Napoli beat Red Star 3-1 and led Group C with nine points. Paris Saint-Germain, who lost his chance on Wednesday, will take second place with eight points. Liverpool have six and must beat Napoli in the last round, preferably by two goals, to get to the cup match.

Marek Hamsik and Dries Mertens' goals (2) gave Napoli an unbeaten victory and a good estimate of self-esteem before Anfield's fortunes in two weeks. While Liverpool are not in place in the championship league, the team stands with a full pot on its own grass.

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