Now it will be easier to check whether the driver card is valid


Will it let someone drive or borrow your car: Now it will be easier to check whether the driver card is really valid.

The Norwegian Public Road Administration has launched a "Check SIM" service, which is available on their website,

This service is available to everyone, but requires a login via port ID.

Limited amount

To check the driver that someone has, you need a name and personal identification number (11 digits).

– Only that someone's driver has been illuminated in service. Other information such as seizures and seizures, or restrictions due to health reasons, are confidential and will not be available.
For individuals there is a limit of 10 searches a day. For businesses that enter through Altinn, such as car rental companies or car dealers, a limit of 2,000 searches per day is set, Bujar said.
Llukaj at the driving license office on the Norwegian Public Road Agency.

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Good for those who lend a car

All lists will appear on your page for the person you are looking for. On the first search, he will search for SMS about searches and how to check search history.

"The government is committed to simplifying and modernizing everyday life for most people. That is why it is so good that the Norwegian Public Road Administration has now made a solution that makes it easy to check whether you are lending your car to a valid driver's license.
good for those of us who sometimes lend cars, for those involved in various car sharing arrangements, and for road safety, "said Jon Georg Dale, Minister of Transportation in his comments.

Many are easier

This service was originally used by logging on There will be further work to expand it so that it can be built into various applications for sharing cars.

Over the past few years, Norwegian Public Road Administration has digitized more services, making everyday life easier for users.

"Now you can check whether your SIM is valid is one of the many driving licenses and vehicle services that have been digitized and simplified in recent years. I'm glad you can now do this too much
an easy way, said Dale, in a press release.

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