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Non Stop War: Stores throw prices in battle for Christmas customers

Chain stores report hard competition at Non-Stop prices and a number of other popular items for Christmas.

"Yes, it is true that Non Stop prices have been squeezed in recent weeks due to intense competition between chains. We fight hard for prices every day and they are still moving, said communication manager Kristine Aakvaag Arvin at Kiwi to Romerike Leaf.

According to the chain, hundreds of items dropped, and the sharpening was well illustrated by the fall of the Non Stop award. The 185 gram bag now costs NOK 31.50 for Kiwi, compared to NOK 43.90 normally.

– Good price

The cheapest in the newspaper overview is Rema 1000, which offers Non Stop in 26 kroner and 90 Øre – 10 Ore is cheaper than Kiwi.

"We want to have good prices for various Christmas items, including Non Stop for Christmas," said Communication Manager Fredrik Jahr at Rema 1000.

The menu also confirms that they are in Non-Stop War, priced at 31.50.

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Change several times every day

But how much does Coop cost?

– I will check the Non-Stop Prize. It is uncertain that the price is the same today as yesterday. Prices can be adjusted several times a day, said Communications Manager Harald Kristiansen to NTB.

He also used the opportunity to say that they had lowered the price of "around 150 items" because they knew customer needs for Christmas.

After a few minutes, an email from Kristiansen came: "Non-Stop prizes Thursday morning at 26.90 at our low-price Extra."

As such, Coop and Rema appear to be leading the Non-Stop War – at least until now.

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