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New remix: – This won't be easy for Magnus


LONDON (VG) (Magnus Carlsen-Fabiano Caruana 1 / 2-1 / 2, total 3.5-3.5) Magnus Carlsen (27) has abused his two white parties on rap to lead at the World Cup. There are seven references against Fabiano Caruana (26).

published: Updated: 18.11.18 19:53

The good news is that he has played 20 straight matches against Caruana without losing – seven of them in the World Championship match. Carlsen lost last to America in June 2015, when he won three of these parties – but no one at the World Cup.

"This won't be easy for Magnus. The opponent is good. But even though Magnus failed to exploit two white parties in a row, it doesn't work like that. Because in this match, black is the best. So maybe he wins with black Monday," Elmira said Mirzojeva, a chess expert on Russian TV channels, Matj TV.

"But Magnus must be careful. Fabiano handled mental pressure in this World Championship match very well – after he lost the first party, Mirzojeva stated.

"I lost every concern to lose," said the VGTV world champion afterwards.

"Of course, it's not ideal that I haven't come out of two white parties, but given the problems in the previous party, I have to be satisfied.

"I haven't thought about the conversation, but if that's the case, I'm ready for it.

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Carlsen revealed that he spent two hours on a doping test on Friday.

"It's not ideal, but fortunately it was the day after the next day.

"The trend at the party was not extraordinary for me, but there was no reason for chaos. I am happy that it is similar to now in the match. There is no crisis. At one point or another I have to win, the world champion notes NRK – and adds it's not easy to get so much "against good players like that".

Magnus Carlsen had the first three different moves at three white parties on Sunday: d4 in the second party, c4 in the fourth party and e4 in the sixth party on Friday. On Sundays, Carlsen returns to d4.

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Caruana came with a surprise in the 10th draw with d8.

– This is unusual! He is at the forefront. This was a surprise that opened more than an aggressive opening, Caruana forced Carlsen to think for himself, said Jon Ludvig Hammer at the VGTV studio.

The World Cup challenger spent almost 30 minutes on his 13th move, farmer c4, showing he was not ready.

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– Not that bad. That's an important moment. For Caruana it's about playing now, so she's not in trouble, said chess.com expert Peter Doggers.

After that, the G5 run the 13th world champion Viswanathan Anand on the mission of St. Louis Chess Club:

"Today it seems white can get the biggest advantage that has been in this match so far.

Understand that there is a heavy world cup for players with white pieces.

At the VGTV studio they discussed whether Carlsen was a more defensive player during the World Cup and was important to avoid losses.

"Yes, maybe," concluded Ingrid, a younger sister.

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On Friday, Carlsen saved a sad remix – even though he had black pieces. However, thanks to his strong defense work, he avoided embarrassing losses.

On Saturday he relaxed playing football and attracting tennis tournaments, where he saw Roger Federer lose to Alexander Zverev.

He is now in 12 straight reminders – "notes" for Norwegian chess. Five of them came in the European Cup for Vålerenga and seven in the World Championship match.

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