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New details about Michael Schumacher – Reveal new details about Schumacher's condition

As soon as five years have passed since the tragic accident in the French Alps. It is known that Michael Schumacher, 49, was seriously injured and held in a coma for a certain period of time, and lives in a family home on Lake Geneva in Switzerland.

If not, there is very little about the health conditions that are known to the public. According to Schumacher's manager, Sabine Kehm, it was unthinkable that it would last for a long time.

But family and close friends visit him with great determination and calm. This was also done by German Archbishop Dr. Georg Gänswein. In a large interview with German Bild, he now revealed new information about the health status of the Formula 1 legend.

Gänswein said that Schumacher now "could feel that someone was around".

He felt that there were people around him who cared about him. The person who took care of him and, as a divorce, kept the public outside, he told Bild.

VOICE INTERVIEW: Not many know what happened to Formula One legend Michael Schumacher after joining a ski accident in 2013. Now the family has published what will be one of the last interviews he did before the accident. Video: NTB and
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Like the way we remember it

When Schumacher was printed from the hospital four years ago, it was said that he stood in front of a "long and difficult fight".

But Schumacher refused to surrender, and according to the Archbishop, there were several signs of improvement.

– His face is exactly what we remember. Just a little more rounded, "Gänswein said.

Schumacher Germany is a legend in Formula 1 and holds a large number of records. He has the most World Cup titles (seven) and most races (91). Germany was founded in 2006.

On December 29, 2013, Schumacher and his son Mick drove straight to Meribel. In an area called off-piste, Schumacher fell and hit his head on a rock. He suffered considerable damage, even though he used a helmet.

Published interviews

Recently, the family published an interview with Michael Schumacher, made two months before ulykka. There he mentioned, among others, Mika Häkkinen as the competitor he admired the most.

"We have some good duels, but also good and stable relationships personally," Schumacher said.

He also mentioned Formula 1 as one of the toughest sports.

"This is one of the most difficult. It requires a lot of preparation. (…) Talent is important, it is in all sports. One will develop many different skills," Schumacher said.

Son Mick is with great Formula 1 talent. It should only be a matter of time before rising to the highest level of motorsport. He had previously chanted his father, and meant that he had meant everything for his Formula One bets.

Response to confidentiality

Swiss Formula 1 expert and journalist Roger Benoit is among those who have responded to the secret of superstar Schumacher.

"The big scandal is how families have overcome this situation. It keeps updating a bit. People are wondering how he is, so give them something. Ask me, this is a scandal, said Benoit.

The former Schumacher manager, Willi Weber, 75, also responded to the lack of concrete reports.

"I think it's a pity that Michael's fans don't know anything about his health. Why isn't anyone telling the truth? Weber asked, given in TZ, Blick and other media from Switzerland and Germany.

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