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Netflix launches three new series – NRK Culture and Entertainment

On the first day of the book exhibition in Frankfurt, Netflix can reveal that they have linked three new books to the series with them.

"We are very happy with these three projects and they once again show that extraordinary stories can come from anywhere, in any language and from different points in history," said International Original Series Vice President Kelly Luegenbiehl on stage in Frankfurt.

In a press release from the company, they revealed that it was a Swedish, German and Turkish-English book that would form the basis for the new series.

– Books are a legacy of good stories. "We are looking for books with credible stories and with current themes in today's society," Luegenbiehl told NRK.

Did you know that these three films are based on books?

Three examples of famous films that you might not know based on books. This week there is a book exhibition in Frankfurt. More books can be made here.

The Swede is Fredrik Backman's book "People with anxiety". It was released in 2019 and the Salomonsson Agency described it as "the most rowdy novel of the year".

Fredrik Backman

Fredrik Backmann's book "People with anxiety" turns into the Netflix series.

Photo: Hilde Bruvik / NRK

This is about a hostage drama during a performance in which a bank robbery failed to lock down a broker, two bitter Ikea fans, a pregnant woman, a suicide millionaire and a rabbit, the agency wrote.

– This story has humor and seriousness, people laugh and cry. At the same time, something was said about our day and what society is like, said Camilla Ahlgren, who will write the script for the Aftonbladet series.

Backman's debut novel is "A Man by the Name of Ove".

Institutions that have Backmann at home can also show that the book has been sold to several countries, including Norway, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Not the same on screen as between two binders

According to Eli Løfaldli, associate professor of English literature at NTNU, there are more stories that change the format than we think.

Eli Løfaldli

Eli Løfaldli, Associate Professor of English Literature at NTNU, said TV series has become a more important genre.

Photo: NTNU

– But only now is how fast that happens and how clear the interactions between books, films and series are. In addition, TV series has become an important genre, providing space for further exploration and becoming a leading streaming service and TV channels.

He believes there are creative and financial reasons why books become comics, adding that one cannot expect the same thing on screen as between two binders.

– It's important, both for those who make and especially for those of us who watch the series, that we realize that there will be different versions in the first place, said Løfaldli.

"An interesting phenomenon"

World survey

Daniel Kehlmann's book "Tyll" must be turned into a clear picture in the "near future".

Photo: Stian Lysberg Solum / NTB scanpix

The German "Tyll" by Daniel Kehlmann is also a series. The book was published in Norwegian in 2018, and NRK reviewers wrote:

"Tyll and Kehlmann are clearly out on the same issue. It's all about capturing your audience so we forgot we were there! Kehlmann succeeded this time. "

– We like this type of historical drama, so with the right actor this can be very good, said NRK literary critic Knut Hoem.

Kehlmann published his first novel in 1997, and The Guardian previously described it as "an interesting phenomenon".

The great Norwegian Lexicon wrote that Kehlmann is one of the best known and internationally translated contemporary German writers.

Produced in the "near future"

Finally, in 2011, Elif Shafak's "Forty-Love Command" was released in live images. This, according to The Times, is a beautiful and luxurious book, where the past and present are united beautifully in the defense of desire itself.

Elif Shafak is a writer with one heart chamber in Turkey and one in the UK. She is currently the most read Turkish female writer and a committed political commentator and speaker.

According to a press release, the recording of "People with anxiety" will soon take place, while the other two will be produced in the "near future".

Expect the numbers to be presented

News series come the same day Netflix presents third quarter numbers this year. Bloomberg writes that they will be presented after the stock market closes on Wednesday afternoon. Power giant shares have fallen more than a fifth since July, but other downside risks this time will be less, according to the site.

Analysts estimate service will grow by around 800,000 customers in the United States and 6 million internationally. Gerber Kawaski Inc. is one of Netflix's investors, and believes the increase may be because people move from HBO to Netflix to watch "Stranger Things."

At the same time, advisor Nick Licouris for Bloomberg said the company had lost its position due to competition from Apple and Disney, among others.

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