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Moss Avis – The first owner is the kingdom – now you get it for a few thousand dollars

(Broom) Now you can secure a quite unique car at a reasonable price. We are talking about the former Volvo 960 Queen Sonja. You can get it with very good money.

Stadssalg who sells cars. They are closing companies that sell cars at online auctions to clients such as banks and financial institutions, debt collection agencies and government agencies, just to name a few.

We must quickly add that it is not Queen Sonja that is the reason why the car ends here. The luxurious and blue Volvo certainly has several owners since the Queen used it.

The 1991 model has now rolled more than 340,000 kilometers and is clearly widely used.

It's definitely a funny "thing" that the Empress has just become the owner.

City's sales have been posted well with images in advertisements and are also clear on the deficiencies.

Because after 28 years (veterans' cars after the 30-year rule in two years), and more than 340,000 kilometers, people have to really rely on it. This also reflects at the highest level the bid price at the auction, which was set at more than NOK 20,000. At the time of writing, the highest bid is NOK 34,000. Also cheap for cars like this.

The dark blue 960s with dark leather interior seemed to have survived well at that time and had a sign of being well cared for. It has a well-documented service history, the lid has been overhauled and all valves replaced, the water pump has also been replaced. This was also not long since the belt register on the 3 liter engine with 24 valves was replaced. Tires look good, inside they look good and don't look crazy on the outside. But some carats have come and are documented with pictures.

First year model 960

960 was Volvo's definitive top model when it was launched in the summer of 1991. This was the first year model. Ratu Sonja must have been very early in ordering his 960. According to the ad, it was first registered in January 1991. Somewhat strange considering the car was first launched half a year later … Without a "big" deal ".

960 replaces 760 as "top of the line" in the Volvo context. The new rear increases luggage space from 389 liters to 405 liters. With a softer shape, the Cw value of the air resistance also decreases from 0.14 to 0.36.

From the start, 960 existed with only one engine option. Namely, the 3 liter series and 204 horsepower. It is also only available in the equipment version. Instead, the standard equipment list is long.

Sales have never been fully successful

960 is known for its Volvo style, a very sturdy and well-built car. They were built at the Kalmar factory, where other exclusive Volvo models were also built. We are talking about classics like 164, 260, 760 and hence 960.

But despite the fact that 960 is a great car in many ways, sales have never dropped. Many believe that the difference in the cheaper and simpler 940 series is too small. We are talking about rims, grills and some additional chrome trim – visually pure. The cars were later given a facelift and in 1997 a new name. Then it became the S90 that was compatible with the new Volvo model system.

255,324 cars were built between 1991 and 1998. Many believe that the 900 series is the latest original Volvo. The reason is the rear wheel drive. Some fans make a clear difference about this. After all, the successor to the S80 has front wheel drive.

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