Magnus Carlsen was heavily criticized for remixing the World Cup – "Magnus may have lost his life


Soon, it will be decided: Magnus Carlsen meets Fabiano Caruana for a reflection of the World Cup title. Both must play chess fast, and if no win is won, everything applies to chess lightning. And it should not be decided too, he went to Armageddon.

But Carlsen has everything in his hands at the last regular party Monday. Therefore he received great criticism for receiving mussels and guaranteed conversion.

Russian Grandmaster Vladimir Kramnik mentioned in his column the ruchess of the decision as "totally absurd and difficult to understand" while at the same time believing that this was not 27 years so we had learned to know him.

"Something has been changed by Magnus," said the Russians.

"He is not loyal to himself at the party. There may be some problems such as experiencing excitement and tired fighting. This is a pure mental assessment carried out by Magnus, and that only shows that he has changed from before," Kramnik wrote.

Lost his life?

The chess expert at NRK, Atle Green, continued to criticize him for a while. He said easily: losing Magnus Carlsen, he had lost his life. If he wins, it will turn into a genre lottery.

– We don't know the stage yet. I have held back a little criticism, but he surprised us all. If he wins, you can say that it is a genre lottery. He is the one who knows himself and the best, so it's a bit early to find out if he lost his life, "said Grønn til Dagbladet.

Because if Magnus Carlsen loses the World Cup title in today's match, he made a mistake, said the chess expert. Green even international champions at bay.

– There is a lot of psychology, only this. He is not ready to find a way to win. His job is to guard the referral, "Green said.

"But isn't that exactly the Magnus Carlsen trademark, not giving up and fighting for victory as long as it goes?

"That's why everyone was very surprised. I thought the goal was to try to repeat the recipe from 2016 when he took a little surprise in the last game and continued and won the match," Green said.

In-game favorites

Furthermore, Green hopes that Carlsen has not received massive criticism after the referendum on Monday.

"He will be very strong mentally if this does not affect him. But he is good at it, becomes his own master and gives bark to what others say. He may choose to ignore all criticism. If anyone shakes it, Magnus, Carlsen said .

He still holds Carlsen as a favorite in this game.

"I say 60/40 benefits Magnus before the World Cup, and I do it now. But nothing is more. The way that happened is special and you can't know how it works, Green said.

For example, Caruana might feel it is a passion with drugs, and thus can play with lower shoulders.

"It can also have one day to do. If you feel your head is not working on the long arm and you are a little out, take a twenty-minute break and try again. It's not in a hurry. Then you have to make a decision. there, it's too late to enter, Green said.

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